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IbizaFoodie | August 26, 2019

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Traditional Roscón de Reyes recipe from Can Coves Ibiza

Traditional Roscón de Reyes recipe from Can Coves Ibiza

Having breakfast on the morning of January 6 with the Roscón de Reyes is one of the most deeply rooted traditions with which we say goodbye to Christmas.

With cream, candied fruit, cream filling, chocolate, etc. the variants of Roscón de Reyes are more and more. This time we leave you the video recipe of Forn Can Coves to make a traditional Roscón de Reyes. We hope you like it!


Force flour 510 g
Milk 70 g
Eggs 153 g
Sugar 100 g
Butter 110 g
Concentrated lemon (or grated lemon) 5 g
Vanilla 3 g
Agua de Azahar 10 g
Fine salt 10 g
Yeast 25 g


We knead all the ingredients except eggs, which we will add little by little
throughout the kneading. The yeast, we will add it by shredding it also at the end, when
few minutes to complete the kneading.

Roscón de Reyes Forn de Can Coves

If we knead by hand, we can dissolve the yeast in the milk and wait 5-10 minutes for
is activated (we will know that it has been activated when seeing small bubbles and / or foam on the surface).
It is important that we leave the butter at room temperature for about 10 minutes, before
to integrate it into the mass. By hand, you can also add half of the kneading.

These types of enriched doughs need a long kneading to form the gluten that
later it will support the fermentation. For this reason, the fact of adding the little eggs to
little will help us to make the dough gain resistance in less time.

We will know that the ingredients have been properly kneaded to see that the dough has become
smoother and brighter. If we knead with dough mixer, the dough also detaches from the bucket,
telling us that it is ready. However, if we knead by hand we can do the test of
the membrane.

This test consists of taking a small portion of dough, which we will stretch little by little with
the fingers. The dough should stretch without breaking to form a membrane that begins
transparent. When it breaks, a definite hole must appear and not a tear. A) Yes,
We will know that the dough is ready.

Once the dough is kneaded, we divide it into two pieces of 500 gr each and we roll. We leave
review the covered mass for 10 minutes.

Roscón de Reyes Forn de Can Coves

When the dough has settled, we proceed to the formation. To do this we put two fingers in the
center of the ball and sink. We give small jerks from the center of the hole out
with both hands. When we already fit both hands in the hole of the roscón, we take it and
we give it shape until we get a hole about 20 centimeters.

Place the roscón on baking paper and paint it with beaten egg. Once the
painted, we can decorate it before or after the fermentation. To do this, we chop fruit
frosty and we decorate it. We can also add almond granillo or sliced ​​almonds.
Finally, we add sugar on top.

Once we have the roscón ready, we let it ferment until it doubles its volume. Is very
important that we cover it with plastic or a cloth and leave it in a place without currents of
air. Otherwise, skin would form on the top layer of the roscón preventing it from growing
during the fermentation.

When the roscón has been fermented, we can finally bake it. To do this, we introduce the roscón
at 210º for 2 minutes and we went down to 180º 15 minutes more. If we see that it is cooked immediately
too much above, we can cover it with aluminum foil.

After this time, we remove the roscón from the oven and let it cool on a rack. Meanwhile,
we prepare the cream. To do this, add 500 ml of cream in a bowl and beat with the rods to
low speed. As the cream thickens, we increase the speed to the maximum. When almost
be ready, add 3 or 4 heaping tablespoons of icing sugar and beat a few minutes more.

Note: It is important that we use the cream very cold so that it thickens easily. On the other hand,
cream must have a minimum of 35% fat.
When we have the whipped cream, we keep it in the fridge until the roscón has cooled

At the time of filling, it is necessary that we use a pastry bag with a mouthpiece in
star shape. Cut the roscón in half and add cream lines from the right to
left (that is, from the center out) to fill it completely.

We cover it and ready! We already have our roscón perfectly prepared to taste the day
of Kings.

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