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IbizaFoodie | February 28, 2020

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What does other countries eat for Christmas?

What does other countries eat for Christmas?

Let’s travel the world to see what others family eat for Christmas in others countries all around the world.

For New Year Eve, australian are used to eat turkey o pork with plum pudding for dessert. Pudding hides a small golden seed and if you have it, it means you’ll be lucky in 2016.

It’s summer there and the meat is delicious in ARgentina. So for christmas they’ll eat a lot of red meat of for dessert some ice cream or fuits salads. But don’t worry they also enjoy all the christmas sweet, just like we do!

United States:
Turkey and more turkey with Cranberry Sauce, mash potatoes y for dessert pie and the famous Eggnog (Egg, milk, cream, sugar, rum)

It’s all about Hallaca, corn dough with meat and chicken accompanied with ham bread, chicken salad. For dessert: “torta Negra” o “dulce de lechosa”.

Christmas in France is for Foie-Gras, and turkey. They’re used to eat smoked salmon, oysters and caviar. For dessert, it’s served a chocolate cake called “Bûche de Noel”

The Philippines:
They Nilanag, a traditionnal pork chicken soup. All the sweet are made with rice like kalamay, kalamav ube or bibingka with banana, coco or sugar and vainilla.

Christmas is the 7th of January and it’s a spiritual celebration that turns around the kids but without any presents. They make a bread called Hebest, eat fried banana with pork.

What do you eat for Christmas?

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