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IbizaFoodie | December 14, 2019

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What kind of chef are you?

What kind of chef are you?

Different strokes for different folk applied to the cuisine!! Everyone has a different way of cooking. That’s why gastronomy is a big part of each culture.

There are 7 kinds of Chefs, which is yours?

1. Classic Chef
Don’t mix traditional with classic cuisine. The authentic classic chef always looks for new flavors that make you travel to your home, next to mum’s food. All the dishes are simple with intense flavors and that everyone loves (stew, hotpots, cakes)

2. Amateur Chef
We are almost all amateurs chefs. But we’re talking about whom don’t have much time to cook and search on Internet new  creative recipes. This kind of chef enjoys a lot cooking for friends.

3. Regional Chef
Do you love your lands and its gastronomy? If your are always looking for preparing local dishes it’s because you’re a regional chef. It can be always when you are very interested in a kind of food from a specific place like North of Thailand Rices.

4. Avant-garde Chef

Those who are really creative cooking, working on new textures, flavors and prepare from one product a lot of different dishes.You can recognize this kind of chefs when in a restaurant you don’t understand a simple word of the menu.

5. Fusion Chef
Fusion is when you combine 2 styles of Cuisine and create a new mix of flavors. In ibiza you can find the Tex-Mex or Japanese Fusion like Minami Ibiza Japanese Restaurant.

6. Classic with a modern touch

Keep it classic but give this modern touch on the presentation. If you are trying to give a new touch to all dishes of your family it’s because you are a Classic Modern Chef.

7. Instinctive Chef
Open your fridge, you don’t have that much but you’re able to cook an stunning dish for dinner? It’s because you are an instinctive chef. All restaurants with volatile menus probably have an Instinctive Chef cooking.

Even if your cooking style is different, you always have to use the most important ingredient: Dedication on preparation

What’s your style? Tell us about your cooking style!

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