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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Pork Rice – The Authentic Recipe

November 30, 2015 |

Pig Slaughter es a big tradition with the object to use all the meat of the pigs. The recipe we are giving to you is for 10-12 persons.

You need:  – 400gr Pork Ribs – 300gr PorkSirloin – 300gr.Pork Lean – … Read More

Nutella Brownie recipe in 20 minutes

November 27, 2015 |

Craving for brownies? Give us 20 munites of your time and you’ll have a delicious dessert of brownie nutella.

You just need:  – 300 gr. Nutella – 60 gr. Flour – 2 Eggs – Hazelnuts

Mix all the ingredients in … Read More

Learn how to make Porridge

November 25, 2015 |

We are travelling to United Kingdom to learn about a very trendy recipe called Porridge. Rich in fibre and carbohydrates, just perfect for breakfast to start your day with a lot of energy.

The way to make it is very … Read More

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Ibiza with Hard Rock Café Ibiza

November 23, 2015 |

If there’s something that fascinate Ibiza Foodie is to discover new cultures with the food. We’re lucky because in this isle there’s a lot of different kitchen styles starting with the typical local restaurant, to an Indian or Japanese, Mexican or … Read More

Creamed Carrot, Tomato and Ginger Recipe

November 20, 2015 |

Cold is coming and we’re about to give you one of the best cream recipe for this winter.

You need: – 1kg. tomatoes – 6 Carrots – Ginger powder – Mint Leaf – Salt and Pepper

Let’s do it: Cut … Read More

Homemade Mandarin Jam Recipe

November 18, 2015 |

The mandarin season has started and we’re giving you the recipe to how to make jam! It’s very easy to do and you can apply it with any fruit, the only difference will be in quantity of sugar we’re going … Read More

Restaurant Lover Week 2015

November 16, 2015 |

How many times do you dream to have dinner in the best restaurant of your city? Gastronomy events moves a lot of people all around the world. And this month it’s turn to Madrid and Barcelona to enjoy a unique … Read More

The Wine App – Vivinos

November 13, 2015 |

If you’re a Wine lover, this app is what you’re looking for… VIVINO is available for Iphone and Android.

It’s very easy. First, you must log in the community to start to use it, you can register through Facebook, as … Read More

15 Curiosities about Food

November 11, 2015 |

Believe or not but all theses facts are true…

1. Chocolate was once used as currency.

2. An average ear of corn has an even number of rows, usually 16.

3. Most wasabi consumed is not wasabi, but colored horseradish.

4. One of the … Read More

The best Hummus – 5 different recipes

November 9, 2015 |

One of the best appetizer in Middle East will catch the attention of all your guests. We’ll start with the traditional hummus recpie and the process for the other kind of hummus are basically the same.

1. Traditional Hummus. We … Read More