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IbizaFoodie | May 5, 2021

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10 essentials knives for your kitchen. | IbizaFoodie

10 essentials knives for your kitchen.

We never know what’s the best knife to use for cutting fruits, vegetables, meats and more… And at the end, we always use the same knife for everything. But now, you’ll know what kind of knife use, these are the 10 knives you must have in your kitchen.

1. Santoku knife


From Japanese, it means “3 virtues”. Normal it is 17cm long and the blade is large to help the cut. These knives are trully sharp that we normally use for meats, fish and vegetables. It’s a multipurpose knife.

2. Bread knife

A serrated knife is perfect to cut bread without breaking it. Choose a knife with good teeths, it will be easier for you to get clean cuts.

3. Ham slicing knife

Specific for Ham but you can also use it for precise cuts. The knife must measure between 230mm and 280mm and be flexible.

4. Straight Edge

This knife is also a multitask knife. You can use it for peeling, work on details and it’s a basic in the kitchen. One of the best foor Carlos Arguiñano.

5. Trench knife

The blade is long and thin, this knife is perfect for small and perfect meat cuts.

6. Bird’s Beak

Maybe the smallest but very useful for peeling and build. The shape fits very good in your hand and it’s you’ll be very comfortable.

7. Chef Knife

Also called “French”, it’s maybe the first knife that everyone buys. Very easy to use to mince. The blade is smooth and it’s weight is balanced.

8. Tomato knife

One of the most special, finishing like a fork, you’ll use it to cut tomatoes, hard and soft fruits. The blade will help you to cut soft vegetables without destroying it.

9. Machete

Well yes, you can also have a Machete at home and not only see it at your butcher’s. It’s a heavy knife, use it to break bones or hard pieces. 

10. Boning Knife


With it’s soft sharp end to touch the bones and cut the meat next to it. Be very careful, it’s a sharp knife.

Use your knives carefully, must always be sharped, cut always over hard surfaces and in opposite side of your body.