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IbizaFoodie | May 6, 2021

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10 tips for cooking the ideal pasta! | IbizaFoodie

10 tips for cooking the ideal pasta!

Do you want Italian food? As good foodies we don’t doubt that you love the Mediterranean recipes, but… Do you want to know 10 tips to cooking the perfect pasta?

First trick

Water is an essential element, we should to use one liter of water/100 gr. So, it will not stick and hydrate it. The container where the water will place will be a pot and water should occupy 2/3.

Second trick

Salt is the other essential ingredient to achieve our “perfect pasta”. A coarse salt 12-15 gr/liter of water. The key now is to add the salt when the water has begun to boil.

Third trick

The exact time to pour the pasta on the recipe is when the salt has dissolved. all the pasta cast and stir well to prevent sticking together. In addition we keep high the heat until the water boils again, right then go down the heat slightly. Foodie note that throughout the cooking time is advisable to leave the pot uncovered and go turning from time to time.

Furth trick

To give the style of Ibiza foodie we recommend adding a little oil extra virgin olive. We avoid it that during cooking the pasta from sticking.

Fifth trick

The cooking time is perhaps the most important to achieve the perfect pasta moment. We recommend you to try the pasta is always a minute before what indicates the container to prevent the paste will pass.

Sixth trick

The perfect pasta is “al dente”. To further control the cooking time we get extinguish the fire and have a cup of cold water to stop cooking and immediately strain it.

Seven trick

Want to add a sauce to your pasta? Ideally for excellent fusion between them it is better leave a little cooking water.

In addition to serve the sauce, add a little above and leave the rest in a container that is kept hot and every foodie add it to your liking.

Eighth trick

Given that the slurry is cooled very quickly recommended to heat the dishes where go to serve, but with much care foodie do not burn !!!

Ninth trick

Mmmm, cheese! Do not rush as much as you are a #cheeselover cheese is added after the pasta has absorbed the sauce. Another option is to serve the dish without the cheese and adds that every foodie necessary. Ideally, the very, very practically grated or powdered cheese so it does not dry and adapt better to the pasta.

Ten trick

This is the last trick but not the least important. The cold pasta is also a good choice because it is just as rich, but it is necessary that this al dente. If you want to eat cold pasta once you must pass immediately wash with cold water. Thus we cut the cooking and starch which is what causes the pasta from sticking and is also important that if just not going to make season we recommend taking oil again, prevent sticking is eliminated.