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IbizaFoodie | February 24, 2021

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14 cocktail´s glasses | IbizaFoodie

14 cocktail´s glasses

The kind of glass is almost more important that the cocktail in itself. If you want to be a real Barman, you must know how to differentiate these glasses

  1. Glass / Martini

We can considerate it “the” cocktail glass. For all of us, this type of glass with the V shape are used for Martinis. They have a small size because this drink warm really quick, that’s why it capacity is 20cl. A good option is to always have few glasses in the fridge.

  1. Sling

Just perfect for long drinks with crushed ice. Capacity: 32cl.

  1. Shot

This glass can have different sizes and shapes. The Barman are used to choose long ones so they can play with different layers. Capacity 6cl.

  1. Flute

Did you ever drink Champagne? The flute is The Typical Champagne Glass. Capacity of 17cl.

  1. Collins

The Collins are mainly used to serve beer because they can contain 40cl.

  1. Margarita

Only with the name you can imagine the cocktail!! Also used a lot of Mexican Drinks…Don’t forget to salt the borders. Capacity: 24cl

  1. Tasting Glass

It’s always good to have one if you need to taste a wine or any drink, but you’ll never use it for a cocktail. Capacity: 32cl

  1. Boston

Heavy and big, serve it with beer!! But also very useful for shaking the drinks. Capacity 48cl.

  1. Tulip Hurrican

Think about a Piña Colada, you got it!! This is the kind of glass.Always with a piece of fruit.

10. Whisky

Always known as the “Old Fashioned”. Another glass afilliated to the Drink…Be sure to serve the drink in a large glass with thickness base. 32cl.

11. Cognac

You’ll find always like the “balloon” glass, the biggest it is and the nicest it will be. Capacity 35cl.


Take a seat in an Irish Bar and ask for a Coffee, they’ll serve it in on Toddy Glass. It support the heat and have a small handle. Capacity 25cl.

13. Sour

A thin base but with a large cup. Used for the Sours Straight-up. Capacity 12cl.

14. Rocks

Similar as a Whisky glass, it’s one of the toughest glass. Capacity 27cl.

At the end, the most important is that you must use a clean glass, without any mark or scar. And if you have time, cool down the glass before using it…if not, fill it with crushed ice and water and it will cool down really quick.