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IbizaFoodie | May 6, 2021

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3 spring recipes | IbizaFoodie

3 spring recipes

Spring is not officially here yet, but the weather seems to be warmer these days and little by little we leave the winter behind. By the arrival of the good weather we fancy change our coats and boots for shorts and sandals, and the spoon dishes for fresher meals.

Like these three recipes that we bring you today!

Potatoes salad

This recipe is from America and it’s perfect to accompany fish or meat or to use as a starter or aperitif. Beside it’s very easy to prepare.

We peel and boil potatoes and a couple of eggs. After that, let it cool and cut them into small pieces, but without undoing them.

Then we mix mayo, mustard, sugar and salt with a mixer until we get a homogenous sauce.

Finally we chop the shallot, celery and pickles and add everything into a bowl with the potatoes and eggs. We mix all of them with the sauce, being careful not to break the potatoes, and let it cool on the fridge for a few minutes before to serve it.

Barley, avocado, feta cheese and anchovy’s salad

This salad is from Italy and is made of barley, a typical Italian pasta like the rice but bigger and softer.

First, we boil the barley during 8-10 minutes. Then we prepare the vinaigrette using a clove of garlic, lemon juice and lemon zest, salt and olive oil. We mix everything.

Then we peel the rest of the ingredients: four tomatoes, feta cheese, one onion, olives, anchovies and avocado.

We put everything together in a bowl with the barley and the dressing we prepared before. We stir all well and it’s ready to eat!

Lentils salad with octopus and mussels

This salad has the legumes’ nutrients and the fresh flavor of the sea, also you can eat it cool or hot, as accompaniment or as a main dish.

We boil the mussels in a pot with water and salt until they open naturally and then we separate the shells. Using the same water than for the mussels, we boil the lentils until they are ready. Let them drain and set.

Finally we chop red and green pepper, spring onion and tomatoes, and also we cut the octopus. Next we spread everything in a bowl: mussels, lentils, octopus and mince. We add olive oil, apple vinegar and salt and just enjoy it.