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IbizaFoodie | June 11, 2021

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5 Tips to take better food pictures | IbizaFoodie

5 Tips to take better food pictures

We just love all the small details of eating: sit in a restaurant, read the menu, wait for the food with some ali-oli, olives and wine, take few pictures of the dishes for our social networks and start to eat.

I’m hungry just thinking about it!

Today we’re giving some tips to shot your dishes as a profesional.

1. Framing
Think about what you want to show before taking the picture, just part of the dish, the whole product, maybe a small detail. If your dish is flat, pictures are better from high angle and low angle is you asked for a big salad, for example.

2. Colors
Actually all the phones gives you the chance to modifiy a lot of features of the pictures. Boos the colors to give a better aspects to the food, the results are impressive.

3. Background
You’re going to focus on the dish but be careful with the background. It’s not the same to shot a paella with the sea behind than the paella with the restaurant and the kitchens behind… Obvious!

4. Light

Food is always better looking with good light, natural light. Never use the flash to avoid reflects and sparkle.

5. Creativity
Use your power of creation. Try to make it your way and surprise all your followers. They’ll love it!

Check out these 2 pictures, which one do you prefer?

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