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IbizaFoodie | May 7, 2021

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6 keys to healthy eating away from home | IbizaFoodie

6 keys to healthy eating away from home

When summer comes, travel is our favorite hobbies. Maybe you prefer beach, mountain, visit other countries… Anyway, normally in summer we move away.

If you stay at home, we’re sure that you have mini chefs in your family, artists of the kitchen.
But when we travel we cannot take the house with us, so now Ibiza Foodie wants to give you 6 keys to healthy eating away from home.

1.Don’t stop drinking. Always that as a main drink by water as well if we are on vacation at the beach, mountains with the heat we become dehydrated more easily.

2. First, salad. We have all felt that after htting a city and eat a XXL dish. We must be patient and ask for a salad first recess us that ravenous.

3. The main course. If we sit down to eat at a place where the dishes offered  are too much, it´s much better to share it. Or, we can order an appetizer as a main dish to avoid oversized portions.

4. Bring your own snack. We’re spending some days at the beach, mountain or visiting a city we must be proactive, so the best is to always carry a piece of fruit over by midmorning if we enter the famous “bug”. We can also take some turkey and cheese sandwich skimmed for example.

5. Avoid free buffets! Sometimes man is insatiable and although we have eaten 5 courses, we want more. In control these holidays is very common for that reason it is essential to avoid this type of restaurants.

6. Always choose the full option. Whether you’re going to eat a sandwich, cereal, bread … Always choose all foods with more fiber since leaving away our body usually notice the change and have more difficulties to process food.

Hopefully with these keys away your adventure will not break you with a good, balanced and healthy diet. But especially if you are away from home as well Foodie you’re always encourage to try new and different things!