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IbizaFoodie | March 4, 2021

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6 Mistakes we usually make | IbizaFoodie

6 Mistakes we usually make

We always try to improve our skills in the kitche with new recipes, new tips and cooking trying new flavours and ingredients. Never the less, there’re always few mistakes that we always make every day.

Check out our list of the typical 6 mistakes we always make:
1. Never taste while we’re cooking
Flavours and textures constantly change and we must carefull to get the taste you’re looking for

2. Measure the food with precision
If you’re not precise, the textures of your food can be affected

3. Too much stuffs in the Pan
Toasting the onions at the same time making the carrots and the aubergines… At the end, the vegetables get dried and you damage your recipe…

4. Stop removing the food
Be patient and let the food cook well without moving it all time

5. Let the pan get sufficiently hot
Even if you’re in a hurry, wait for the pan to be hot. The food with taste better 😉

6. Read all the recipe before starting to cook
We always forget a step of the recipe and it can be the most important.

Tell us what is the error you commit the most.