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IbizaFoodie | June 14, 2021

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6 Perfect Gifts for Father's Day | IbizaFoodie

6 Perfect Gifts for Father’s Day

There are few days left before Father’s Day and many of us don’t know yet what to buy to our father. It’s time to change the gifts, ties, wallets or socks are enough!! Here 6 gifts that can inspire you and he’ll love so much!

1. Barbecue to enjoy with friends
Introducing the queen of barbecues: the Weber Q3200 Black
GetImageMade of Aluminum, it works with gas and its cooking surface is 64 cm x 45 cm. The BBQ includes a thermometer, 3 rack holders, work tables and light on the handles. Its dimensions are ideal and you just have to think to cool down the drinks for a perfect evening.

The price is around 650€ on Amazon but Weber offers several ranges of barbecue that may also interest you.

2. But first, Coffee!
Is your dad a coffee lover? This is, without any doubt, the gift that you have to do.


This Philips Grind & Brew HD7766 coffee grinder, grinds the coffee beans and will fill the kitchen with that special smell of fresh coffee in the morning. You can also introduce ground coffee, water capacity is 1.2L (represents about 12 cups).

Its price is around € 160 on Amazon.
Mondays will no longer be a problem for your father.

3. My Father’s a Chef
All super Chef needs to have their knives set. You have a lot of options depending on quality and prices range. Although, it’s a special day so we love you what we should buy.

Santoku Arcos 180 mm

Santoku WMF Grand Gourmet 180 mm
71bmpZYmnJL._SY355_The Arcos knife costs about 30 € while the WMF is around 280 €. The price varies so much due to the type of steel used and the difference with the sharpening angle.

4. My dad is Healthy
In order to be healthy, your father is maybe running or going to the gym and he needs fruits and shakes. What better way to prepare healthy natural smoothies. This mini blender fits perfectly to your father’s needs.

russell-hobbs-21350-56What makes the Russell Hobbs Kitchen Collection Mix & Go so special is relation price and quality – around € 30 – and the 600 ml recipient is directly the glass you can carry with you outside for training.

5. A cutting board for each thing
Surely your father is a “geek” gadgets (like the vast majority of dads). Joseph Joseph presents a set of 4 cutting boards in two different sizes to avoid mix of flavours.

In the official page it is worth 105 € but you will find it in Amazon for 60€

6.Drink whisky like a gentleman
Yvento Whiskey Stones are natural soapstone (ceramic material) and cool the whiskey without watering it. This concept is an evolution of when the Scandinavians use frozen rocks to cool their drinks.

It is a very original gift and your father will remember you in his most special moments with his glass of cold whiskey. Find it on Amazon for 17 €.

You no longer have excuses not to make a gift to your father and to show him through a detail all the love you have for him.