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IbizaFoodie | August 10, 2020

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Álex Soto winner of UNIC CHEF 2017 | IbizaFoodie

Álex Soto winner of UNIC CHEF 2017

The renowned chefs and food critics Pepe Rodríguez, Xavier Agulló, Borja Beneyto, Belén Parra and Gonzalo Aragüez, have been the jury of this solidarity contest The chef of Unic Restaurant, David Grussaute, has challenged journalists, photographers and bloggers Antonio Beneyto, María José Amengual, Alex Soto and Maria Andreu to give life to 4 different desserts.

Álex Soto, photographer of Face Food Mag, has been the winner of the IV Edition of Unic Chef Ibiza in the framework of a solidarity event that has come to life this morning and where his dessert has been the best evaluated by an exception jury composed by Renowned chef Pepe Rodríguez from El Bohío, Xavier Agulló from 7Caníbales, Borja Beneyto from Cuaderno Matoses, Belén Parra from Gastronomistas and Gonzalo Aragüez, who leads the gastronomic project of Sa Brisa Gastro Bar & Catering. The charity prize, consisting of 2,000 kilos of food and non-perishable effects was delivered to  the NGO Food for Ibiza . The winner, who cooked a creamy white chocolate with basil and a pistachio brownie biscuit, Bourbon vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet, has stated “very excited to be able to help this NGO and to participate in this solidarity event” .

Soto has been challenged by the kitchen stoves of the Unic Restaurant, located in Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa, with journalists and gastronomic bloggers from Ibiza such as Antonio Beneyto, collaborator of El Mundo de Baleares and member of the Academy of Gastronomy of Ibiza and Formentera , María José Amengual, who leads the blog Dit i Fet and is a regular collaborator of Directo al Paladar, and Maria Andreu coordinator of Ibiza Foodie.

The NGOs sponsored by each of them have been Diocesan Caritas, Banc dels Aliments d’Eivissa and Formentera, Food for Ibiza and Red Cross, stated that “even if Food for Ibiza is the winner, we have all won since this type of actions give us visibility and show the problem that many people and many families suffer in the Pitiusas. The presidents and coordinators of these associations have stated that in many cases they help each other so they have held this award that ensure “is for everyone”. The winner of this contest has also donated to the NGO the work that has received as a prize from the hands of the photographer and gallerista of P | Art Ibiza, Patrizia Longarini, who has collaborated with his work in this solidarity event.

Unic Chef is already a consolidated event with the gastronomy and with the solidarity of Ibiza that in its previous edition managed to reunite to Djs like the winner of 2015, Sebastián Gamboa, Anna Tur, Dj Bilbadino and Dj Oliver. An event that has served for journalists and politicians of Ibiza to demonstrate their expertise with the recipes proposed by the chef who leads the gastronomic project of Unic Restaurant, David Grussaute.

In this IV Edition, Unic Chef “has become professionalized”, according to its organizers, who have also stressed the importance of the main gastronomic critics of Spain “visit our island, value our cuisine and spread the incredible offer we have in Ibiza in this ambit”. Therefore, and in the framework of this experience, both the jury and the participants of this event have participated in the tasting of a dinner and a meal in Unic Restaurant and Sa Brisa Gastro Bar & Catering .

A jury of high prestige

The president of the jury, the renowned chef Pepe Rodríguez, has qualified during the event the importance of supporting charitable appointments like this to remember “that there are people who are doing so frankly bad in Spain and that they need all our support” . That is why, he said, “I accepted without hesitation to be part of this contest and return to Ibiza, an island that I love and consider a gastronomic paradise.” Pepe Rodríguez, besides being recognized as a jury of the programs of TVE MasterChef Spain and MasterChef Junior Spain, has two restaurants in Toledo, El Bohío and La casa de Carmen, both with Michelin stars.

Belén Parra is a Catalan journalist, specialized in gastronomy that collaborates with media such as El Mundo, Gastroexperience or Gastronomistas.Parra has valued “very positively the gastronomy of Ibiza and the exceptional work of the four contestants”.

Marketing consultant and food critic Borja Beneyto, has founded Cuaderno Matoses, one of the most important culinary blogs of the newspaper El Mundo. His passion for gastronomy leads him to travel every year more than 250,000 kilometers to visit about 300 restaurants located on 5 continents. Beneyto recalled “the importance of the traditional recipes of the islands and the role of chefs and critics to put them in vogue.”

Xavier Agulló, is a journalist and gastronomic critic who has worked in all the media, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and Internet and has spent years dedicated to gastronomy both in the news and in the personal. He is National Gastronomy Award 2006 (Best Journalism) and 2009 (as a member of the Metropolis-El Mundo team) by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Spain. He is currently a gastronomic critic for El Mundo, El Economista, the Divine Places guide, the 7Caníbales blog and the Italian guide Identità Golose. Agulló has declared himself an unconditional fan of Ibizan cuisine and “especially the signature dishes to which restaurants such as Sa Brisa Gastro Bar & Catering give life and this new discovery that is UNIC restaurant,” he says.

Finally, Gonzalo Aragüez, who heads the gastronomic project of Sa Brisa Gastro Bar & Catering and has directed the kitchens of Lío Ibiza, recalled, as many Ibizan adopters, “we enjoy every day knowing firsthand the best products and recipes of Ibiza and we love to surprise our diners and to dump a little of the magic of the island in our restaurants “, concludes.