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IbizaFoodie | May 4, 2021

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The world of international cuisines! | IbizaFoodie

The world of international cuisines!

Would you like to travel the world?  Ibiza Foodies shares 8 global dishes that will make you feel on a trip!! Keep calm foody, you won’t need 80 days this time…

We’ll start with a faraway country, the land of koalas and kangaroos. The Australian cuisine grew out of the mix of British and Irish food. The most popular dish is meat pie, which is made with ground beef (but crocodile, buffalo or kangaroo can also be used), breadcrumbs and spices.

pastel de carne

In China, bittersweet chicken is one of the most popular foods because of its unique flavor. Keep in mind that in Chinese culture, not using chopsticks is considered as an offense.

pollo agridulce

Our journey stops in India, whose food is distinguished by strong and spicy flavors. Rasam, a typical soup from the south of the country, contains ingredients like radishes, watercress, lentils and chili.


In Switzerland, we’ll find Fondue! This dish has two main ingredients: cheese and garlic, but we would recommend adding white because it just makes it all so much more special.


Italian food is part of the Mediterranean cuisine. Although pasta dishes are excellent comfort foods, we suggest you try out lasagna. It’s made out of fresh pasta sheets and the filing is either meat or vegetables. A pure Italian dish!


Uruguay is home to some of the best meats in the world. Grilled meat will always be our to-go choice, especially if it’s are prepared in the traditional way – delicious!

carne asada

From South to Central America, we say hi to Mexico! If you’ve never had a quesadillas or a taco stop reading this and go grab some ASAP. Anyway, burritos are on the top of our Mexican ranking because you know, they’re pretty much like a wrapped gift to yourself.


Getting to the United States, we arrive in the land of fast food, but we know there are some sweet foodies out there! Brownies will delight you – these tasty chocolate squares are so easy that can be prepared at home.


Which dish are you dying for? Food plays a big role in any culture, so don’t forget to try out new recipes when visiting other countries!