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IbizaFoodie | May 5, 2021

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Asian soup for summer rainy days | IbizaFoodie

Asian soup for summer rainy days

Some time ago we left behind the pots and soups, but sometimes during summer we also find rainy and stormy days that make us change the swimsuit and beach toys for the apron and knives. So today we will prepare a soup but … why not give it an exotic touch? We love the traditional spoon dishes, but we also like to bring new aromas and flavors to our dishes.

This meal is somehow a Thai cuisine adaptation. Coconut milk provides a fantastic asian touch but can be replaced with light cream for cooking. The spice greatly enrich the broth, and as always you can adjust the level of spiciness to taste.

4 servings ingredients:

1 piece of fresh gingershutterstock_440609551

2 garlic cloves

1 dried tomato in oil

1 tablespoon concentrated tomato sauce

1 chili pepper

2 tablespoons olive oil

200 ml coconut milk or light cream

1 liter of fish broth

150 g of peeled shrimp

200 g of rice noodles

fresh coriander or parsley



Peel the garlic, ginger and clean the chili seeds. Place them along with dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, and oil in a blender and blend until it turns into a paste.

Arrange in a saucepan and heat gently until they release their aroma. Add half the broth and mix well. Add the prawns and let cook for a few minutes. Add the remaining broth and coconut milk. Cook for 5 more minutes.

Now add the rice noodles, mixing well. Cover and let cook for the time indicated on the package, normally a few minutes. Serve with a touch of pepper, chopped cilantro and salt to taste.

And there we have an exquisite and different great soup for the few rainy summer days in Ibiza.

Enjoy the meal!