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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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¿Black or white truffle? | IbizaFoodie

¿Black or white truffle?

Can you compare? The answer is no. Even comparing the prices, white truffle is the most expensive with a value of 6.000 € / kg!.

In this post we will show you the differences between them.

Black Truffle

Origin: French Perigord. Although nowadays its cultivation has been expanded to Europe on private properties for commercial purpose.

Size: 3-7 cm

Weight: 20 to 200 g, but may exceptionally exceed 500g.

Price / Kg: 800 € French Perigord black truffle

Another black truffles: between 450 and 600 € / kg


White Truffle

Origin: Italian Piedmont.

Size: 2-8 cm. Exceptionally exceeded 15cm.

Weight: 40 to 300g.

Price / Kg: 6000 € approx.

The excellence of the white truffle is its wild origin, growing only in the fall season between October and January in seven Italian districts. This white gold, can not be cultivated as his sister and black truffles stay fresh only a few days. Now you can understand its hight price!