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IbizaFoodie | June 14, 2021

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Caipirinha: essence do Brazil | IbizaFoodie

Caipirinha: essence do Brazil

Now that RIO 2016 Olympics are getting close, today we are going to explain how to prepare the Brazilian cocktail: The Caipirinha.

Over recent times it has become globally famous and its main component is the Cachaça, a brandy distilled from juice of sugar cane in Brazil.

This is a cocktail with a strong character, who likes it… loves it, and who does not like it, probably detest it. The preparation is very simple, and now in Ibiza Foodie let’s see hot to make traditional caipirinha recipe.


– Brown sugar

– Limes

– Crushed ice

– Cachaça


The Caipirinha is prepared directly in the glass which is to be taken later, we recommend a wide and medium-sized glass. We put some brown sugar and lime wedges on the bottom of the glass and crush gently with a mortar until the lime juice and sugar mix (we personally add a little lemon juice). Then fill the glass of crushed ice until the top. It only remains to add the cachaça to taste.

If you do not like very strong, you can reduce the caipirinha with water or soda … We also recommend taking it with straw and not stir much the mixture, so that at the bottom is the lime juice and above is the cachaça that will slowly mix.

You already have the key to success in your brazilian party! Now some Samba … and dance!