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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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Can Caus, the authentic flavor of ember in Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

Can Caus, the authentic flavor of ember in Ibiza

Hello Foodies! Today we visit one of the most emblematic restaurants of Ibiza: Can Caus.

Can Caus is much more than a restaurant, since they also have their own production of raw materials. Since 1990 they produce a wide variety of Ibizan products with the aim of preserving the traditional way of production and processing.

Later on, specifically in 1998, they founded the restaurant to give the opportunity to all the guests to taste their homemade products. They also have a store where you can find all their products, we will talk about it later.

A traditional atmosphere, full of memories, images of the rural Ibiza, where you feel at home.

Open throughout the whole year, it has a large garden terraces perfect for the hottest months of the year and an indoor room with a wood-burning fireplace for the winter. A perfect place to eat with with friends and family, that lengthen after after a good dinne.

As tradition marks in Ibiza, they welcome us with an appetizer of olives and alioli.

We started with a mix of really good homemade sausages. The mix consisted of sobrasada, stuffed belly, camaiot, butifarrón and goat cheese. The taste of homemade food is always a thousand times better. In their products we can enjoy the best treatment product and the care that they dedicate to each elaboration. The goat cheeses have a very mild flavor and the sobrasada simply melts in the mouth.

We continue with a traditional salad with crusts. This dish, recommended to share, is a fresh dish, with natural ingredients. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, bread, dried fish… all the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

The main courses arrive, with the specialties of the house: kid ribs and lamb’s leg. The cooking of the meat is at its point and from the first bite you can notice the freshness of the product. Can Caus specializes in grilled meats and traditional Ibizan dishes. The menu also has simpler dishes, such as sandwiches and salads, but also other, more elaborate dishes such as paellas and massacre rices. You can consult the menu here.

Both the ribs and the leg are self-made products, which makes the quality of the product shine with its own light. All the vegetables are from the island and also their wine list includes a wide range of denominations. You can check them here.

Their keys for success are: the price-quality ratio, the traditional environment, its location in the countryside and its close relationship with the customer. Although they are a meat restaurant, they also offer vegetarian alternatives such as salads, rice dishes and vegetable grills to satisfy all tastes and needs.

We arrived to desserts, Foodies! They advise us to try two of their specialties, their famous greixonera and a 100% natural sheep yogurt that we recommend you totally!

What is more, Can Caus has its own free parking, a luxury in Ibiza!


CARRETERA STA. MIGUEL, Km. 3,5, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Illes Balears

Phone: 971 19 75 16