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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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Caribbean inspiration: Bahama Mamma! | IbizaFoodie

Caribbean inspiration: Bahama Mamma!

We are enjoying the summer! The next month is August 🙂 We are confident that more will ever drink is the Mojito, Carpirinha and “Piña Colada”, right? Today on Ibiza foodies blog we want to propose you a new flavorful cocktail.

This cocktail is so sweet and exotic and is original from the Caribbean. It’s known as Bahama Mamma (like a song by Bonnie M) and it’s serve on a coconut.

To make this refreshing and tasty cocktail need:

– 15 ml Rum (for example: Bacardi )

– 15 ml Malibu

– 15 ml Grenadine

– 30 ml of orange juice

– 30 ml of pineapple juice

– 5 ml coffee liqueur (so if you like coffee)

– 250 ml of crushed ice

and now…

Shake, shake, shake! Or, put the mix on the beater, it’s our recommendation.

It’s necessary to include the ice on the beater to achieve similar texture of slush. Finally, to serve Bahama Mamma we can do it with a long glass or if you want to do the authentic recipe you can serve it on a coconut. But you can also decorate the glass with a slice of lemon or orange and/or min-umbrellas, that’s the most Caribbean style!