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IbizaFoodie | February 27, 2021

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Ceramic knives: pros and cons | IbizaFoodie

Ceramic knives: pros and cons

In recent years the ones that have chosen ceramic knives has increased considerably. Choosing a knife, as we have spoken on the past, it is vital for the cook.

Having knives that guarantee your specifical uses, it is critical be able to  do your cooking tasks satisfactorily. And what we wonder today is: are ceramic knives a good choice?

Having tried various kinds of ceramic knives, different brands and sizes, the final conclusion is that with their pros and cons, they are in any case a tool with its own characteristics so they should be used in a specific way, and It is forcing us to change the way we use it regarding the common way of using the standard steel knives.

For us the biggest drawback with this type of knives is undoubtedly its stiffness compared to the flexibility offered by the steel knives. But we did some research so we collected the pros and cons of this type of knives, so you can decide whether using one type or the other, depending what’s best for you.


· They are much lighter than alloy knives.

· As a non-porous ceramic material, these knives do not retain smell or flavors of other foods.

· Ceramic knives are made of zirconium oxide powder, a wear resistant that preserves the edge of the knives in good condition for longer than usual material.


· In general, the price of ceramic knives is higher than the average of the conventional knives.

· For keeping ceramic knives edge in good condition, is not recommended to cut frozen food, or make friction on hard surfaces. The tables that suit them better are plastic and wood.

· Just like ceramic pans, ceramic knives should be washed by hand with mild soaps, and when storing away it should not be touching each other or with other objects. To save them, therefore it is recommended to use specific cases or sheaths.

· Ceramic knives are not resistant to blows, so watch out and prevent them from falling to the ground.

Conclusion: We personally prefer traditional knives, a good alloy molybdenum and vanadium will ensure a hardness similar to ceramic knives and also resistance, but also offer greater versatility.

And you, what do you prefer?