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IbizaFoodie | May 7, 2021

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Cheese Lovers! | IbizaFoodie

Cheese is the one of food that it’s always currently on our plates. Foodies friends have you not been thinking it?

The cheese is a snack, a main dish, garnish… Furthermore, you can find different types of cheese: goat cheese, parmesan, “manchego”… For the cheese lovers today we going to discover all curious things about this ingredient!

Its origins go beyond that you could imagine, you go back to the year 6000 BC. Studies and research have shown that in ancient Mesopotamia elaborated cheese from cow’s milk and goat.

But… Where is the location of the first factory of cheese? In 1815 in Switzerland was open the first of all factory, but, in fact the most famous factory was open in 1851 in USA. So we want to know which country is the one who loves more cheese? The correct answer is neither Switzerland or USA. Curiously, studies suggest that Grace is the place where people consume maximum 27.3 kg every year, is the number #1 fan!

Although we have said that there are many varied types of cheese, more than we can name. Aproximatelly worldwide there are about 2,000 variants of cheese. But the most favorite variety of it for us is… the mozzarella cheese!

Do you know everything about cheese? There’s more! We don’t tell you what quantity of cheese is produced in one year. Maybe the answer is surprised you, because we produced twenty million tons of cheese! Incredible, right?

Please foodie, tell us what is your favorite type of cheese and we make a recipe with it!