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IbizaFoodie | April 22, 2021

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Cova Santa: a restaurant and magical place | IbizaFoodie

Cova Santa: a restaurant and magical place

Hey Foodies, today we are going to tell about our last visit to Cova Santa, for us it was a discovery that greatly exceeded our expectations. We had long wanted to go so we finally decided to do.

Just approaching to the entrance and seeing the place is already a delight. The placement where the restaurant is settled is itself a natural treasure in the island, it is a cave carved by the water from the mountains of Sant Josep along thousands of years, where we were invited once the dinner was over, to go down to the cave with the beautiful rocks as stalactites and stalagmites.


The entire restaurant is large and spacious, and is built on terraces on different levels making from anywhere a perfect view to the stage where later it began the performances. All carefully decorated with multiple shapes and colors that somehow it conveys you a certain mysticism as the night falls, and the music drags you into it.


As we arrived we were greeted with a glass of cava and olives with bread and ‘allioli’. To begin we ordered some starters to share. The first was the watermelon gazpacho shot, very tasty and refreshing and accompanied with Iberian ham croquettes that we all fell in love with… it was all rolled in panko with a perfect crunchy texture and silky interior with an intense flavor of Iberian ham. A blessing for the palate.



Then the live show started, with Mimi Barber singing along the guitar and sax, seduced us as we continued with the entrees: a surprising salad with lettuce, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, yellow beets, fennel, radishes and courgette strips. A bluefin tuna tartare marinated in sesame oil with a touch of spicy, guacamole and a crunchy bread. Could appreciate the quality of the product with the sight, touch, taste … exquisite, it did not need anything else. At the same time we tried sardines in saor, or also known as Venetian sardines, had never tried before in this way. This is a recipe that the chef explained us how to make it and so we will surely share with you in a new post  😉


Acrobats and dancers meanwhile were interacting between the tables with a dance show, and right at that moment, after the feast of starters we continued with the main dishes.

We started with a wild gilt-head bream made in conventional oven and finished in wood oven, with a corresponding lining confit potatoes, peppers, cherry tomatoes and capers. Perfect and at its best, soft and mellow, a delight.



Finally we come to the meat, the crown jewel of the Cova Santa restaurant.

We ordered Galician grilled Entrecôte with a maturation period of approximately 80 days. At that time the meat acquires an amount of aromas, flavor and unique texture. What to say about this delicacy… impossible to explain in words, only those who have tasted something like this might know what we’re talking about. Done to perfection, golden on the outside and underdone inside as the good carnivore manual dictates: juicy and flavorful meat, dreamy.



To choose the second meat we let ourselves go by the chef’s recommendation, and we can never be more grateful to him: Black Angus beef rib “to the cross” cooked at low temperature… specifically takes 36 hours cooking at 68° C. No doubt this haute cuisine technique gives a texture to the meat just like butter, but it also does not lose its juices which retains all the flavor, and finally seal it on the grill just before serving… we just say you can’t just pass by without relishing the rib at Cova Santa restaurant.

And that’s how we finished dinner because we were so full that we could not even get a dessert… so we had to leave it for the next time when we will not hesitate to taste the coulant chocolate with caramel ice milk that kept us at the edge of sin 😉

Surely Cova Santa in his second season since it opened in 2015 it has become a must for all those lovers of gastronomy and above all, who appreciate the quality of the product. Sober, direct and impressive simplicity makes a exquisite cuisine. Besides the magical place, the live show, the close and attentive service… everything as a whole made our night a wonderful experience.

There’s only dinner service, at least for now, so we recommend booking in advance.

Reservation: (+34) 971 39 57 14 // //

Address: Ctra. San José, km 7 (way to Sa Caleta) 07817 Ibiza.