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IbizaFoodie | May 5, 2021

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Did you know the origin of Fideuá? | IbizaFoodie

Did you know the origin of Fideuá?

There are already many Fideuá lovers, and even prefer it to the classic paella. The truth is that it is a dish that has gained much popularity both in home kitchens and restaurants, even challenging the mediterranean most classic dish, Paella, but do you know the origin of the Fideuá?

Like many other dishes, the invention of the fideuá is attributed to an “accident”, or in this case, it was more like a malicious act that resulted in genius, a story starring two Valencians sailors on 1930. The chef at the boat Gabriel Rodriguez Pastor, known as “Gabrielo” knowing the devotion of the Captain about “A banda rice” usually cooked, he decided to prepare one day the same recipe but switching the rice for noodles, so “Zábalo” the Captain, would not it that much and leaving some for the other sailors.

At the end, far from its purpose, what the cook finally got was popularizing the invention, whose fame started spreading through the coast restaurants also arriving soon to Ibiza and the Balearics, and became over the years an essential Mediterranean dish.

Fideuá can be prepared in different ways, although the base are thick and hollow noodles and, fish (you can put rock fish, monkfish, cuttlefish, squid…) and seafood (shrimp, crawfish…). Same as paella, it is made in the pan also called paella, wide and flat metal pan, though other traditional variants can be found like casserole cooking.