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IbizaFoodie | May 6, 2021

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Discover the magic that gives off La Luna N'ellOrto | IbizaFoodie

Discover the magic that gives off La Luna N’ellOrto

We’ve been at the north of the island to visit La Luna N’ellOrto, a charming family restaurant located in Puig de Missa, within the village of San Miguel de Balançat.


The restaurant preserves the essence of the 70’s, since it was once one of the first hippies’ markets of the time, and it still has some detail in corners of the restaurant, such as handmade banks and a hundred-year-old fig tree.


The restaurant has been open since 2011, opening for the season from Easter to October, and opening mainly for dinner for about 80 people.

The name of the restaurant ” La Luna N’ellOrto ” is given as a reflection of the cuisine they transmit, in addition to the Argentine and Italian influence of the, and the reason why the name makes clear reference to The kitchen of land, the orchard that they use from their own ones and from other areas of the island.


Their cuisine is totally homemade, they make from pasta to bread with aromatic touch, taking care of each detail of the dish, innovating in techniques to persevere the original flavor of these garden foods. Its menu is renewed every year, some dishes are preserved thanks to the great demand of the customers, although it is sought to innovate, create and modify the menu. You can find from a wide variety of starters, salads, creative dishes, pasta, many vegetable dishes, fish dishes, and premium meat.

We sampled two cocktails, “Luna de Jamaica” a very soft and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail, made from Jamaica flower, lime and agave honey; And a “Luna’s Bourbon Sour” by Jack Daniell’s, white egg, mango, orange and agave honey, the fruit mixture along with the whiskey and the white egg blend resembled a very sweet dessert on the palate, from then a cocktail of the most special and worthy of trying if you go to the restaurant.

Luna de Jamaica

Luna’s Bourbon Sour


On the starters we took the “Finfish and seaweed croquettes” a perfect combination with the soy and wasabi mayonnaise sauce; along with a “Seafood avocado mousse” with octopus, prawns, salmon caviar, onion and cream cheese, the avocado was perfect and very soft, perfect combination with the seafood thanks also to the touch of freshness that gives the lemon.

Finfish and seaweed croquettes

Seafood avocado mousse

From the starter, we took “Pumpkin Ravioli” stuffed with pumpkin, thyme, goat cheese with ricotta, and a thyme sauce, parmesan and orange sauce, a perfect fusion of the sweet taste of the pumpkin and the orange. The sweet nuances of some of their dishes fit perfectly with the romantic atmosphere that gives off the place.

Pumpkin Ravioli


The second dish an “Argentinean loin”, 250gr of meat with a garrison of grilled vegetables from the orchard. The meat was very tender and it undoes in the palate, tender inside and crunchy on the outside, this one is expressly brought from Argentina because of the origin of the owners of the restaurant, it was so great as the vegetables, as all the quality of the Products that they use.

Argentinean loin



The restaurant has different dining areas, one of the most special is under the hundred-year-old fig tree along with the candles and hanging lights and the Ibizan decoration that makes a magical place where everyone wants to dine. Another area is the grilled, in the main garden where they also offer live music during dinner hours, with musicians like Mateo Crocetti, Paco Romero, and more, creating a perfect place to enjoy a summer evening.


Opened: Every day except Tuesday from 20:00 to 00:00 h.

Address: Sant Miquel de Balansat 07815 – Ibiza

Phone: (+34) 971 33 45 99