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IbizaFoodie | February 25, 2021

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¿Do you know "Los Fermentistas" of Ibiza? | IbizaFoodie

¿Do you know “Los Fermentistas” of Ibiza?

Jakob and Rebeca Hronek began their fermentation journey in 2012 after noticing their physical reaction to ‘live’ sauerkraut. They have since been committed to the revival of this old technique, how it can be utilised in the modern world,  ways to make it more accessible, if not trendy in an age where there has been a huge reliance on antibiotics, and where bacteria are demonised rather than understood and honoured for their roles.

They work at local farmers markets, offering free degustations and information about the benefits of fermented products, make pop up dinners ‘Love your guts’ where ferments and their culinary uses are shown in all their glory, and offer a ’Fermentale’ bar, where ferments and live vinegar shrubs are combined to make delicious virgin and non-virgin cocktails.

Their products have been snapped up by shops and restaurants, their presentations and workshops by retreats, their popups by the general public,  as this couple succeed in making fermented products hip and sought after, promoting that this is not another superfood fad, but a daily addition to diets, that has wonderful health benefits.

“Los Fermentistas” pride themselves on their ethics, sourcing most of their ingredients from a cooperative of local organic farmers, and running reuse initiatives with their clients and distributors.

“Eating is an ethical act, where our food is sourced, how we get it, what it’s packaged in and what we do with the left overs, that whole cycle is as important as what we put into ourselves “

When on the island of Ibiza, keep a look out for their products, enjoy their flavours and

“Reclaim your Inner Garden”