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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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El Local, a new concept in Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

El Local, a new concept in Ibiza

Gastronomy, shop with gourmet products, vinil players, music, work area and restaurant. All this in the same place located in the center of Ibiza. Happy food for Happy people, that’s how they define themselves.

In El Local, you will find healthy food and drinks with the authentic taste of home.

Open for less than half a year, they offer a very healthy street food cuisine. They mix and merge products from all over the world and adapt them to very easy formats to enjoy.

In El Local, many passions are mixed together: gourmet products, music, vinyl… You can even listen and buy your favourite music while you enjoy an evening with friends.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, its wide menu offers dishes for all tastes, especially for vegans and vegetarians.

We really want to try their dishes, let’s go!

We started with a Mix of hummus.

Mix of hummus

One of spinach, cinnamon and feta cheese. Another of beetroot and the third of eggplant. Along with the mousse, they serve 3 types of “crunches” with different textures: fried sweet potato, homemade pita bread and spelled bread. The colors and flavors make this dish super original and a perfect option to share. The one we liked the most was the beetroot mousse, both for its exquisite taste and its color.

Mix of hummus

We continue with some juicy chicken fingers coated with nuts and served with a sweet and sour mustard sauce. We are surprised by the contrast between the crunchiness of the batter and the sponginess and softness of the chicken. Thanks to the slow cooking in the oven, the chicken does not get dry at all. Instead it´s very tender and soft.

Chicken fingers coated with nuts, served with a sweet and sour mustard sauce.

They offer us as well some creamy vegetable croquettes accompanied by a semi-spicy yogurt sauce. The croquettes were very good, we recommend them without hesitation! Made of lentils, chickpeas, beans and mozzarella, the chef tells us that the secret lies in giving each ingredient its proper cooking point and then join the ingredients and create a delicious dough. These croquettes are also made in the oven, thus being a very healthy cooking alternative.

Vegetable croquettes accompanied by a semi-spicy yogurt sauce.

Healthy cooking is one of the fundamental pillars of the cuisine of El Local. It´s worth to highlight, that El Local takes great care for the detail of all aspects of the restaurant. El Local is a comfort place where just after entering, you feel like at home.

They offer delicious and daily varied menus at very competitive prices. You can check it every day on their Facebook page.

It’s time for the Macrobowls, also known as buddha bowls. Besides being visually very striking, they are also an excellent source of nutritious. The great variety of ingredients makes the macrobowls a perfect dish. We tried one with quinoa, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, chickpeas, cabbage and eggplant cream. A real feast for all senses.


El Local also participates in the Route of Punic and Roman Pinchos with creations that we invite you to try.

As a main course we were served a shawarma of chicken and vegetables in pizza dough. What makes it so special is the chicken marinated with pineapple juice and coconut milk and the vegetables cooked in the oven. No wonder that it’s one of the most popular dishes.

El Local offers as well vegetarian and vegan options for all dishes.

Shawarma of chicken and vegetables in pizza dough

We finished the meal with a delicate dessert: grandma’s cake. A kind of sponge cake with almonds, very fluffy and definitely highly recommended.

The restaurant offers a showcase of sweets to eat there or to take home, as you prefer.

Grandma’s cake


C/ Bisbe Carrasco 4, 07800 IBIZA (Baleares) SPAIN


 (+34) 971 092 436

E- mail