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IbizaFoodie | May 7, 2021

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The best caviar in the world | IbizaFoodie

The best caviar in the world

If you still don’t know where caviar comes, I will say that it’s nothing more and nothing less than the roe of the female sturgeon fish.This fish habits in the fresh waters of the northern hemisphere, particularly in the rivers and lakes of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Each sturgeon can get up to 15% of its weight in caviar, this makes the caviar a rare delicacy. There are few companies wich are engaged in the export of quality and authentic caviar.

An easy way to identify the quality of caviar is because of the color of the can. What does this tell us? the type of caviar that goes inside according to their classification, and how do we classify? By the caviar color.

Here you have the rankings:

000 (triple 0) gray caviar, with larger eggs. Also called “imperial” or “real” caviar since formerly was to be served to royalty. The color of the can is blue. This type of caviar, mostly is derived from the species of the sturgeon called ” beluga”.

00 medium caviar, darker gray roe is the type of the sturgeon called “Osetra” . The can colour is yellow.

0 black caviar. It comes from the sturgeon called “Sevruga”, the color of the can is red.

One of the best caviar is the international brand Per Se Gold, and a Spanish caviar originate in Rio Frio, Granada.

The can is golden brown and this is because of the color of their eggs, they are from a different type of sturgeon called “Acipenser naccarii” or “Adriatic sturgeon”.

This company has the quality certification of organic farming in the EU and the label “friends of the sea” , this is the only global certificate that ensures its sustainable production.

If you dare to try one of the greatest gastronomic pleasures of the world, stop by the Oyster & Caviar Bar in Ushuaia Hotel and enjoy it  with a good white wine or a cold champagne.