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IbizaFoodie | May 7, 2021

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Genetic surprises of the "porc negre" from Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

Genetic surprises of the “porc negre” from Ibiza

The “Federació Pitiüsa de Races Autòctones”, FEPIRA, is carrying out with the collaboration of the University of Córdoba and the company SEMILLA, the morphological characterization of the “porc negre” of the Pitiusas, as a necessary step to the definitive declaration, by the Ministry of Agriculture, as an Autochthonous Race. The veterinarian of the University, Ander Arando; the mayoral cattleman of the Diputación de Córdoba, Joaquín Doctor; the veterinarian of SEMILLA, Agüeda Pons; and the veterinary responsible of FEPIRA, Sara Vergés, are from yesterday characterizing morphologically the specimens of this type of pig of Ibiza and tomorrow, they will analyze the animals of Formentera.

The president of FEPIRA explained that the work they are developing is directed in two ways “on the one hand we are morphologically characterizing the “porc negre” to help us define a standard that allows us to identify the race. In addition, we are trying to teach the males guidelines to perform extractions of semen that we will use in the fertilization of females of this breed; as a starting point for the collection of samples that will help us study pitiusa porcine mackerel; and finally, as a way to preserve the race. ”

The FEPIRA carries out annually the extraction of semen from lambs and goats, being forced by the Ministry as a way to control and protect these two autochthonous breeds. That is why they are working on preparing the pigs for the same practice.

“We are doing a very positive job, since we are getting the race to evolve. There are more and more farmers who are betting on these animals and also, the market seeks and requests this meat. We are optimistic, although we are in a precarious situation, “said Xavi Prats.