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IbizaFoodie | April 19, 2021

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Ibiza Microgreens, small gastronomic delights | IbizaFoodie

Ibiza Microgreens, small gastronomic delights

Hi Foodies!

Today we are going to talk about Ibiza Microgreens, a local and healthy initiative that offers fresh, organically grown, and GMO free microgreens.

Its founders are Tarah, Woody and little Minoo, a family originally from Stockholm, who changed urban life for the sun and the Ibizan lifestyle.

With the belief in local, ecological and km 0 food production, they have established an innovative agricultural system on their farm in San Agustín, vertical farming. Is a revolutionary and more sustainable method than the traditional one, since it reduces the use of water by almost 90%, in addition to saving a lot of space and soil.

Microgreens grow in compost soil, water with its proper pH value, fresh air and light, ensuring stress-free growth. The seeds used are also 100% organic from certified and trusted suppliers.

An advantage of consuming these microgreens is that each one of them has a high nutritional profile, as they concentrate 40% more minerals than their mature counterparts. They are also rich in enzymes, making them easier to digest.

From Ibiza Microgreens are committed to a sustainable and low-impact business model supporting a self-sufficient production system for the island of Ibiza. Acting locally also minimizes any transportation that requires energy or emissions.

Among all the varieties they grow it can be found rocket, broccoli, cress, radish china rose, radish daikon, radish Rambo, red cabbage, red mizuna mustard, white mustard, sunflower, tendril pea, or mix different varieties at the same time. On their website you can get more information about the flavor profile, what is going well and the nutritional benefits.

If you want to try these small gastronomic delights and enhance your dishes with color and flavor, make your order of microgreens via their website, email ( or WhatsApp (+46 709 901 215 | +46 704 921 808). Deliveries are made in recyclable containers that are also hermetic for greater durability. You can find them in the following sizes; 500cc, 750cc, 1000cc, 1500cc and 2000cc.

We believe microgreens are an edible art that you will love. This small sprouts will enhance your dishes while giving them a nutritional touch. No wonder it is used by many chefs and cooks from all over the world to highlight their gastronomic creations!

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WhatsApp: +46 709 901 215 | +46 704 921 808