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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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Ibizan fusion cuisine from Sa Brisa Restaurant arrives to Madrid | IbizaFoodie

Ibizan fusion cuisine from Sa Brisa Restaurant arrives to Madrid

Sa Brisa, located on the emblematic street of Vara de Rey in Ibiza, will soon open a new establishment in Madrid, in the area of Retiro, with the aim of moving Ibicencan fusion cuisine to the capital, with the Mediterranean breeze, and a particular vision of the cuisine of an international author as a guiding thread.

It is the first restaurant on the island that is spreading its cuisine outside of the Pitiusas with the intention of introducing in the Peninsula the gastronomic variety that exists in Ibiza. Its forerunners, Pere Vendrell and Esther Bonet, have made a comprehensive market study  of over two years to launch this project and they hope it will achieve the same success as Sa Brisa in Ibiza. In this line both claim to have put “all our enthusiasm in this new stage, that we take ona and we want to continue making people happy through our dishes.” For those who are the driving force of this idea, moving this concept of cuisine to Madrid “makes a lot of sense because it is precisely one of the publics that most values our work while they visit us”, they point out. “In Madrid, they understand our concept of cooking, designed to live experiences, so that each guest can embark on a trip with the best products and the friendliest treatment as transport”, they explain from Sa Brisa, giving as an example the success with their proposals presented at gastronomy fairs, such as Fitur or Madrid Fusión. That is why the capital has been, after Ibiza, the second destination chosen by these young entrepreneurs, to give life to their project. This new restaurant will be located in Menéndez Pelayo street, in front of the Parque del Retiro, an area of Madrid that is a true reference for lovers of gastronomy.

The most representative dishes of Sa Brisa in Ibiza, created by executive chef Gonzalo Aragüez, such as the Hot Dog with squid, the croix de bullit de peix (Ibicenco fish stew) or the paese bread made with xeixa flour, will be present in the manu in Madrid. Thus, local products will have great importance in each of the elaborations and therefore, to launch this project, the authors have been responsible for closing various agreements with different local producers of the island that will provide this space in Madrid with food such as oil, salt, meat or fish from Ibiza. “Our purpose is to promote, outside the island, the great multitude of unique dishes in this corner of the Mediterranean that we love so much and take advantage of the capital’s opportunities to internationalize Ibizan gastronomy,” say the authors of the project. What is more, these local products can be purchased in the restaurant itself as the owners of Sa Brisa is considering to enable a space in which they could sell them. Likewise, they have set aside a large private room for show-cooking, where Ibizan chefs and chefs from the rest of the Peninsula will participate with the intention of “continuing to grow and exchange culinary knowledge”. On the other hand, this space will be used to hold exclusive events or celebrations.