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IbizaFoodie | June 14, 2021

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Interview with Andrés Lalla, chef of the Hostal La Torre | IbizaFoodie

Interview with Andrés Lalla, chef of the Hostal La Torre

At what time in your life did you know you would be a chef?

I was always intrigued by what was happening in the kitchen of the restaurants I visited with my parents and how food was made in these places. My first approach to the world of gastronomy was in the cooking school where I made my first course. From that moment I knew what I wanted for my life. Then came the first jobs where the passion for what I do has manifested.

What ingredient have you discovered lately and inserted into your kitchen?

My kitchen is based on looking for products, to constantly explore new flavors. Lately I am very attracted to Peruvian cuisine and we try to find a way to integrate them into the kitchen with the respect it deserves.

What three things can never be missing in your kitchen?

The commitment and vocation of the people that make my team, who spend hours among fires and pressure, adrenaline and never lose joy.

Without them it would be impossible. Also my knives and music.

If you only had 5 ingredients, what would they be and what dish would you make with them?

Very simple, i this case I go to my most pleasant memories. Fire, good wood, good meat, good wine, always tomatoes and most importantly, friends to share that ritual.

How would you define your professional work in the kitchen on Hostal La Torre?

Dedication, perseverance and love.

How much of Andrés Lalla is there in the kitchen? Of the ingredients that you have known in Ibiza, is there any in particular that you like?

A lot, especially working in a place as special as Hostal La Torre. My kitchen was created and grew from the beginning of my adventure in this place. This identified me and involved me 100%.

The carob tree seems to me a very interesting product. What’s more, the red shrimp that is always part of the menu in Hostal La Torre.

How and why did you decide to come to the island?

I met the island on vacation and I fell in love. Then for a personal project I arrived and I stayed.

Your favorite place in Ibiza?

When I have time I like to escape to the north of the island, where you can breath with another air.

How would you describe the Ibicencan cuisine?

As a cuisine rooted in their land and their customs, which thanks to families, has been maintained. The new Ibizan chefs treat with great respect the traditional plates that they incorporate in their menus.

What is the most important thing about Hostal La Torre?

The conjunction of an idyllic place, together with music and gastronomy. We try to create a great atmosphere and an unique experience.