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IbizaFoodie | June 12, 2021

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MANAPANY opens the new "Plaza del Parque" in Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

MANAPANY opens the new “Plaza del Parque” in Ibiza

After a long winter, the “Plaza del Parque” in Ibiza opens completely renovated and with it the new restaurant MANAPANY. A mediterranean option with south america touch that opens every day and promises to stay between us.

It’s open from less than 10 days and gives us the feeling that MANAPANY will give much to talk about. Have a seat, today we are eating an MANAPANY.

The restaurant has a cozy inside tables and a small but neat terrace where nothing is left to chance. In fact, the ashtrays come from the town of Manapany located in La Réunion (french archipelago in the Indian Ocean – Where Lorenzo, the owner of the restaurant is from).

2017_ManapanyBR-10 2017_ManapanyBR-14 2017_ManapanyBR-13The cooking style is mainly italian and Mediterranean, although chefs present some variety in the cuisine including winks to other culinary cultures, such as Thai (Woks) or Venezuelan (ceviche). Even if it’s not a vegetarian restaurant, veggies are more than welcome in Manapany.

At midday, they offer a two-course menu with dessert for 13,5€ (drinks not included), the full menu or some options to tapas. At night, the menu is “a la carte”, the atmosphere changes with a different lighting, dishes, service, offering us a completely new version of the establishment. It’s a good place where to stay for have some drinks with friends being in the middle of the “plaza del parque” after dinner.


Table is ready, it’s lunchtime at MANAPANY.

First, as an appetizer, they bring us a black olive tapenade, mint, salt and pepper; 4 different types of bread (rhombus, mini flute, black bread, cereal grapes and raisins, and a homemade rosmarino focaccia). A fresh Rosé Château de l’Escarelle will accompany us throughout the meal. As a starter, an octopus salad. Simple but very tasteful composition, the flavours combine perfectly. To decorate thin slices of carrot and peppermint leaves and two options of sauce sprinkled on the edge of the dish, one brava and another balsamic for giving interesting nuances to the potato.

2017_ManapanyBR-22 2017_ManapanyBR-24

After that, we enjoyed a Pacchero in zucchini and prawns cream. No all italian restaurants can leave the pasta the way MANAPANY did it. We traveled with a simple bite to the italian coast with this flavorful taste of sea and land. A satiating dish, one ration is more than enough for one person and the taste prevents it from becoming heavy.

2017_ManapanyBR-45 2017_ManapanyBR-44

On the other hand, we had a delicious Lamb “Carré” with a reduction of Oporto with truffle mashed potato. The photo speaks for itself. Sometimes, lamb ribs are really por, but it’s not the case here, the meat portion is thick and generous. in addition, the Oporto reduction brings to the meat the flavour of wine, an ideal sauce for this dish that we hardly identified at first. For truffles lovers, you must just ask for this dish.

2017_ManapanyBR-37 2017_ManapanyBR-34Finally, we could not resist the sweetest part of MANAPANY so you decided to attack the tatin tart with vanilla ice cream and the classic homemade cheesecake. We eaten so well that we couldn’t finish them. But it’s not a problem, we’ll be back soon to have them all with a good coffee or tea in the afternoon.

2017_ManapanyBR-49 2017_ManapanyBR-48

We didn’t know what to expect on our visit and we left the restaurant with a big smile on our faces knowing that MANAPANY will perfectly fit with the “Plaza del Parque”. Staff is attentive without overwhelming the table, the timing dishes is perfect and quantities are calculated to don’t have this terrible saturation stomach feeling, but neither being hungry.

The cuisine is modern on it presentation. However, they focus on true flavors and traditional Mediterranean cuisine.


Come when you can to this beautiful restaurant in the middle of “Plaza del Parque”, near Natura, hace a seat and let Manapany make you travel through the palate. Here’s the full menu on the blackboard and the contact:

2017_ManapanyBR-27 2017_ManapanyBR-41


Teléfono:  971 39 21 63