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IbizaFoodie | August 13, 2020

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Nominees for the National Gastronomy Awards | IbizaFoodie

Nominees for the National Gastronomy Awards

The Academy of gastronomy of Ibiza and Formentera has decided unanimously to nominate Pau Barba, in the category of best Head Chef; to the Pau family, in the category of “A lifetime” and to La Guía de Ibiza y Formentera edited by the Diario de Ibiza, as the best periodic publication of paper, as candidates for the 2017 National Gastronomy Awards.

“These awards are the highest awards that are awarded in the culinary sector and are granted by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy since 1974. From the Academy of Ibiza and Formentera we are convinced of the fantastic gastronomic level of our islands and we wanted to apply for these national awards. The election was difficult, but the truth is that at the end this three had the approval of all the academics present and was approved unanimously by all members of the Board “, said Pedro Matutes, president of the gastronomic institution Pitiusa.

The dynamics of these awards is as follows:

Proposals are received for each of the categories from the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and its Association of Friends, the Autonomous Gastronomy Academies and the Brotherhood of the Good Table.

The Jury formed by the Boards of Directors of the RAG, the AARAG and the Brotherhood meets to close a list of finalists, a difficult task considering the great moment that our sector is living. It is usually possible to submit a list of nominees in each of the categories

A second and final secret vote is held before a Notary, in which the Board of Directors of the RAG, the AARAG and the Brotherhood of the Good Table participate, together with the Presidents of the Autonomous Academies, to choose a single winner in each one of the categories.

Aisha Bonet

Nominated in the category “Best Chef”: Pau Barba

He arrived in Ibiza to take charge of Lío’s stoves, after having worked in prestigious venues such as Reno, together with the Torres brothers; Ábac, together with Xavi Pellicer; or Les Cols, with Fina Puigdevall.

For a few years he has run the Can Domo farmhouse restaurant, owned by his wife and him. In this hotel he has developed his own culinary language and has managed to settle it. The kitchen of Pau Barba is honest with the product, giving it the absolute protagonism. His executions are precise and his cooking works perfectly. The work of this cook is of great sincerity, simplifying the difficult and elaborating technically impeccable dishes full of nuances. In his kitchen, he shows what he has learned over the years, his love for gastronomy and the respect he also shows for the Ibizan and Mediterranean culinary tradition.

Nominated in the category “A whole life”: Pau Family of Can Pau

Narciso Pau, from Banyolas, landed in Ibiza in 1970 in search of a place where he planned to set up a snack space. He did not manage to acquire the place he had planned, but he found an old farm on the Santa Gertrudis road that, coincidentally, he called as his last name, Can Pau. In 1971, the restaurant opens with Lolita, Narciso’s wife, in the kitchen and with him in the direction. There, Alba, Eva, Jordi and José, children of the couple, learned the trade of service and cooking from an early age, cooking with strong Catalan roots and inspiration and Ibizan products. The mother who still lives and is 99 years old, had as successor in the kitchen Jordi Burguesa, married to Alba, great chef who transformed the country house into a magnificent restaurant.

Alba is still at the front of the restaurant. One of his sons, Jordi, has finished his training at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián, and his other son Kim, directs the local administration. The third generation has already been involved in Can Pau and the future of the saga is guaranteed. Under the watchful eye of Alba who  remains the most present and effective head of the room, owner, public relations that a restaurant could have. The future of the saga is strengthened with the entry of the third generation in CAN PAU.

Diario de Ibiza

Nominated in the category “Periodic Publication in Paper”: The Ibiza and Formentera Guide of the Diario de Ibiza

El Diario de Ibiza is the dean newspaper of Ibiza and Formentera and celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. Since 1992, this newspaper has edited the Guide of Ibiza and Formentera, a reference publication in which tourism, gastronomy and hospitality are the protagonists. The direction of the publication since its inception depends on Juan Suárez and this year, in its 27th edition, it will have more than 500 pages on couché paper, in full color in the Spanish, English, German and Italian languages. It has a global circulation of 20,000 copies that are distributed free of charge at the beginning of the year at the main international tourism fairs and in the summer with Diario de Ibiza. It edits a winter edition that is presented at the Tourism Fair of Madrid (FITUR) and another that is distributed on the islands with the newspaper at the beginning of summer. It is also for sale in kiosks, bookstores, hotels and the airport, which gives it a great diffusion and visibility.

For 27 years, “La Guía” has contributed to a better knowledge of the traditional cuisine of the islands, as well as the new culinary trends and visions of the great chefs that are counted in Ibiza and Formentera.

Heading Photo: Sergio G. Cañizares