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IbizaFoodie | June 14, 2021

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Prepare your homemade ice cream in just 35 minutes | IbizaFoodie

Prepare your homemade ice cream in just 35 minutes

Here we bring you the perfect solution to combat the intense heat of August which tightens with force these days. We propose an alternative fun and easy for all: delicious homemade ice cream, ideal to defend ourselves from the high temperatures, to spend a while entertaining or to sate the appetite of the sweet tooth this summer. 


The best utensils to prepare homemade ice cream is that you don’t need to be technical or special skills in the kitchen, so… breathe! In addition, almost certainly you already count with all the necessary utensils in your kitchen at home: rods, a colander, bowls, a pot and a suitable container for the freezer.


Ingredients for 8 people

Whole milk 1L

Egg Yolks 6 UNITS

Egg White (optional) 2 UNITS

Cinnamon 1 UNIT

Lemon 1 UNIT

Refined Maize Meal (Corn Flour) 30 GR

Sugar 275 GR

Butter 30 GR




Overall time 8 h 35 m

Elaboration 5 m

Cooking 30 m

Rest 8 h


We will practice this simple recipe of ice cream, which is the basic and from which arise other different flavors of ice cream.



  • The first thing to do is to flavor the milk, pouring in a pot and adding the cinnamon stick along with the half lemon rind.

Heat these ingredients and remove from the heat carefully just before it starts to boil, cover and reserve as well during 15 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat the butter with the egg yolks, sugar and refined flour of corn.

Once finished the time of rest necessary for milk, we remove the cinnamon stick and lemon rind that we had included.

  • Add the mixture from the bowl and stir with a beater until smooth.
  • Then we heat the mixture to simmer while stirring constantly. When the cream is thickened and it covers the back of the spoon, remove it from the heat. Here you must be careful because if the
    cream to boil, it will cut the yolks.
  • Then, strain the cream and pour it into the container that we have chosen to put in the freezer and let cool on another bowl filled with ice water.

Once cold mixing, we introduce the container in the freezer.

  • Lastly, beat the cream by removing the container from the freezer every two hours.

Let me advise you to add in the last repetition two clear mounted to the verge of snow for a creamier ice cream.

  • And if you are a little more experts, surely you are thinking of removing the ice cream automatically with a refrigerator electric power, to make disappear in this way, the ice crystals that form during freezing.

Decoration will be suited to each person’s taste, but in my opinion an ice cream without a cookie, it is not an ice cream! and if you cover the walls of the cup with syrup of fruits and/or chocolate, you will add extra flavor to your creation.


The last thing that you should consider when drawing up this homemade ice cream is that it is quite caloric intake, but … what is the summer if not for enjoyment? Enjoy this refreshing summer recipe!!