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IbizaFoodie | May 22, 2020

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Recipe of "Cuinat", the typical Easter stew from Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

Recipe of “Cuinat”, the typical Easter stew from Ibiza

Hello Foodies! Today we introduce you a traditional Ibicenco and forceful winter dish: “Cuinat”, a stew made with vegetables and legumes.

It’s one of the most representative Easter dishes in the cuisine of Ibiza and is usually served on Good Friday. The preparation begins the previous day, harvesting the collejas, which is an edible wild vegetable, whose scientific name is Silene Vulgaris.

A very powerful vegetable dish with an authentic flavor of the countryside. It is important to remember that the day before you have to soak (separately) the almortas and the peeled beans.

Cuinat Semana Santa

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Next week is Holy Week and it’s time to prepare the most representative dish for Good Friday: an authentic “Cuinat” form Ibiza.

For those who do not know this dish, the “Cuinat” is made from the bladder campion, a wild grass that grows in the fields of Ibiza. Each family has its own method of making the dish, but usually it is served with raw olive oil, salt, lemon and chilli peppers.

– 2 kg of bladder campion leaves
– 3 bunches of chard
– 1/2 kg of grass pea
– 1/2 kg of peeled bean
– Virgin olive oil
– Sweet paprika
– 2 heads of garlic
– 2 bunches of young garlic
– 3 spicy red peppers (“ñoras”)
– 1 bunch of mint

One day before cooking leave the peeled grass peas and beans to soak and separate the leaves of the bladder champions from the stem.

The day are going to cook, let the peppers soak.

Boil the water in a large, deep pot, and add the leaves of bladder campion, chard and the grass pea. Leave them for 10 minutes, then rinse them with cold water and drain. In another saucepan, over low heat, put the beans, salt, a spoon of paprika, ladle of olive oil, chopped garlic, the flesh of the peppers and minced mint. Cover everything with water and let it boil for at least one hour. You will know that you have to withdraw it when all the ingredients will be unified.

It has to be served very hot and we advise you to accompany it with lemon, salt and oil.

Hopefully you like it, Foodies!