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IbizaFoodie | May 7, 2021

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Recycling, everything starts at home | IbizaFoodie

Recycling, everything starts at home

Did you know that each spanish person generates halftone of garbage in a year?

Recycling is a thing we should all do at home without even thinking. It’s the best way to reduce air, water and land pollution.

Be responsible and use the 3 “RE” rule:
Reduce: buy long life products with less packaging
Reuse: Try to always find a new way to use an empty object
Recycle: Separate your garbage so it can be recycled without using new resources.


We are sure you already know it, we just refresh it:

Organic Garbage: organic compound
Non Organic Garbage: paper, glass, plastic, metal.

These are the reasons why recycling is important to all of us:
1. Helps to reduce air and water pollution
2. Generates jobs
3. For each ton of recycled paper, 5 trees are saved
4. Combats global warming by reducing pollution
5. We conserve our natural resources
6. Helping to reforest the planet
7. Extend the useful life of the materials

We are all familiar with the 4 colors trash (grey, yellow, blue and green).
What can you throw in each?

Gray: Organic
– Bones
– Meats
– Vegetables
– Fruit and vegetable husks
– Used paper napkins
– Cork
– Flowers

Yellow: Plastic, Briks and Metal
– Bottles (soft drinks, water, oil …)
– Yogurt tarrines
– Hygiene and cleaning cans
– Plastic eggs
– Toothpaste tubes
– Briks of milk, wine, juice etc …
– Cans of beverages. Of preserves
– Air fresheners, cosmetic spray
– Metal bottle caps

Blue: Paper
– Shoe Boxes
– Cardboard egg
– Newspapers and magazines
– Stationery
– Tobacco packets
– Paper bags

Green: Glass
– Bottles of wine, spirits and beer
– Glass Jars
– Cosmetics and perfumery bottles

From now on you have no excuses not to recycle at home, and remember that recycling starts in the kitchen!!