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IbizaFoodie | June 13, 2021

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Ruben Fernandez, an "Ibicenco" chef under Hard Rock Brand | IbizaFoodie

Ruben Fernandez, an “Ibicenco” chef under Hard Rock Brand

We came back today at The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza to learn more about the Chef, in charge of all the dishes of the restaurant: Rubén Fernandez Cuenca, borned in Madrid but grown in the white isle.

This is the small interview we had so you can know him a little bit more. You conld think that being under the name of Hard Rock, the restaurant doesn’t respect the gastronomic values of the island. But, we quickly understood that Ruben is the man who gives the taste of the mediterranean fusion with a “ibicenc” touch!.


My name is not important because I represeant all my team.

What’s your job?
Feed and stimulate people.

Are you a chef or cook?
At work I’m the chef with all my team under my orders, however I always be a Cook.

The best dishes of your gastronomic offer at The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza?
“Paella” and “Bullit de Peix”, rices are the stars, we have a stunning Mediterranean menu based on fresh prodcuts from the sea and the land. Also an internacional menu for foodlovers.

Imagine it’s my first time here, what should you recommend me as starter, main and dessert?
Starter: Carpaccio o tartar with wasabi sorbet; Main: Perfumed Ox with truffle and foiegras; for dessert: the famous Electroshock, it’s brownie, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, hazelnuts and pop rocks for the best Booom! in your mouth.

What makes the difference at The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza?
Well, it’s hard to know  but I think that the team is one of the key of your success, we love to work together.

What’s the dish of this season 2016?
Scallops with caviar on sweet corn sauce.
Stunning for your palate!

Ruben is, for sure, a great chef always looking for perfection. He loves everything about gastronomy, you can see it in his eyes. The service of all the team leaded by Rasvan Taspoi is fantastic. Alexandra, the second headbar, was very attentive with all her tables and clientes so we could enjoy a perfect day at The Beach Club of Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.


During April, the restaurants offers weekly meals for 18€, check out the menu for this week. Also, you can win a week-end ar Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza just for having lunch.

Available from Wednesday to Friday

We finished our day at the restaurant with the stunning Mawerita cocktail by   Josefran Martins while we were enjoying a live music show of the Hard Rock Band. We’ll talk about this amazing bartender really soon.


Be clever and have lunch during April before all the tourists.
Book: +34 971 39 67 36

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