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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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San Telmo: unexpected culinary experience | IbizaFoodie

San Telmo: unexpected culinary experience

Dear Foodies, today we want to share our last visit to a truly amazing restaurant, not to say almost unique in Ibiza. San Telmo is a restaurant that has put the focus on the food again, each dish is the protagonist of the experience and each bite has its moment of glory.

The Renaissance of San Telmo

It is a place with more than 40 years, a classic among the restaurants in the harbor area, but just three months ago it reopened to bring all the freshness to the island after being completely renovated: the room, the kitchen, menu, the team…

Now the restaurant has an open kitchen to the fully renovated room, decorated with a very Ibizan marine style, and a terrace located in a patio that insulates the typical hubbub of the center and gives an intimate and friendly atmosphere.


Sergi, the head waiter, explained us that San Telmo is a restaurant under the philosophy of Slow Food, where the products used are purchased directly from local producers and the fishermen’s association: seasonal organic food and sustainable menu to offer. And you can tell.

The Trip

We always like to let ourselves go by the recommendations of the chef or maitre, so we got on their boat and we were guided by the captain through flavors, shapes and textures that were passed around the table. Of course this boat came to fruition.

We started with appetizer cocktails to whet our appetite: Classic Cherry Daiquiri and a Pisco Sour by San Telmo: pisco infused with lemon verbena and pistachio syrup, very creamy with citrus twist.


We started eating a very interesting snack: some chicken and black pork Ibizan crackers accompanied with chicken allioli and spices.

We continued the tasting menu with fish “sobrasada” and samphire. And the chef Xavi, as we were able to realize over the dinner, he’s got the virtue of making wastes a whole delicacy. It certainly was a very interesting tapa.



Next stop: Ibizan red shrimp salad… but at San Telmo nothing is what it seems:

It is a rice paper roll wrapping red shrimp, homemade peach syrup, avocado, endive, and dipped in romesco sauce with shrimp powder and dehydrated black olive. It is not an explosion, but rather a sequence where different flavors are appearing gradually in perfect balance.


After the starters, it’s time for a new cocktail to accompany the main courses, the New York Sour: whiskey, lime juice, bitters, egg white and finished with red wine.

Now comes one of our all times favorite dishes: Steak tartare. And once again it is a reinterpretation of the traditional recipe, nothing is left to chance, it is more fun and colorful, and so exquisite dish as we expected. We loved the idea that instead of being accompanied by toasted bread as usual, the crunchy touch was by some super thin and crisp sheets of mashed potatoes… in fact, a totally unexpected wonder.


We reached one of the most successful dishes that we were recommended: Happy hens eggs.

It is a porcelain egg container filled with meat parmentier made with spicy sausage, crumbs, and all topped with two poached eggs cooked at low temperature and honey crystals. It is a dish that has to be discovered little by little with the spoon, you’re investigating, and you’re letting yourself delight for its intensity of flavor… such a delicacy, and we can assure that these chickens are really happy!


Last stop before arriving to desserts: Fried fish.

At this point of the trip we already know what’s going on in San Telmo… They wanted to surprise us, and once again they achieved this goal: it was stingray marinated and then fried, served on a genuine lacquered tile and accompanied by a lemon mayonnaise and its own fried cartilage. It remembered to the legendary marinated dogfish or “bienmesabe” of the southland, but with its special touch of the house and the softness of the flesh of stingray.


Desserts arrived and we have to choose two of them. On the one hand we were recommended the “Citric Impact”, and for our part, after seeing how they deconstruct traditional dishes to return back and rebuild with a totally new concept, we decided on the traditional Ibicenco Flaó… San Telmo version.

Citric Impact: a refreshing and light dessert perfect for cleaning your mouth after eating: pineapple sorbet, “parfait” with orange zest, orange and lemon marshmallow, and meringue, orange slices and some dots of lemon gel.


And the final climax, the icing on the cake for this wonderful trip: Flaó San Telmo version. Simply exquisite. They managed to make a dessert that recalls the traditional Flaó but honestly, it far exceeds… much more balanced with the flavors: goat cheese on a land of xeixa biscuit, peppermint is present but slides smoothly through the mouth without cloying, and the little touches like jelly Ibizan herbs and a touch of figs and homemade strawberry syrup make this dessert a TOP 1.


A long way

We left San Telmo clearly delighted, and this is just the beginning. Best of all is that it is a young team that has taken the reins of this business and has started barely three months ago. We were happy to see a team so dedicated, with fresh ideas to move forward with this project and we are sure that they will surprise us again on our next visit.

We know this restaurant will have a great future. 😉

Just add that the restaurant will remain open during the winter, and the dishes will change depending on the season, so do not hesitate to get to know this renovated San Telmo as it has great promises for the island.

Reservations: (+34) 971 310 922 // // //

Address: Carrer de la Drassana, 6, 07800 Ibiza (harbor area)