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IbizaFoodie | May 6, 2021

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Sidrería Poma, the cider house in the heart of Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

Sidrería Poma, the cider house in the heart of Ibiza

Hello Foodies!

Today we went to visit the famous cider house of Ibiza: Sidrería Poma.

Located in the heart of Ibiza, specifically next to the Plaza del Parque, it has a large terrace perfect to enjoy a nice meal in good company.

The decoration and atmosphere of the place will immediately take you to the typical Asturian cider house, the perfect place to have some “culines” with friends.

In the Sidrería Poma, they have one of the most awarded Sidra brands in Asturias: Foncueva, about which we will talk more in one of the following articles. Tasty and refreshing cider poured right in front of you to enjoy every sip of it.

For those who never tried to pour sidra, there are some automatic pourers that help to serve it without the risk of splashing it all around. But you can also ask Toño, the owner of the place, who is always willing to show you his amazing skills!

Typical Asturian cuisine with traditional flavors full of history such as “fabada”, “cachopo”, “lacón” or corn “tortos”. Many of the products offered have the D.O. classification (Designation of origin) and come directly from Asturias, as: cheeses, meats, octopus, chorizo, the “lacón”, flour for tortos, ricotta …

Toño invites us to try his famous “chorizo a la sidra” brought directly from his land. The menu has a menu of tapas, salads, specialties and meats with D.O. classification. What is more, each day they offer different suggestions from the chef and daily specials with a wide variety of products. The relation quality price is very fair and the service is friendly and professional.

We continue with a homemade corn tortas with cabrales (a specie of blue cheese) and honey. It was the first time we tried it so it was a real surprise. Very rustic flavor with strong aromas and great variety of textures between the crispy “tortos” and the honey’s mellowness. Chef Víctor tells us that the corn flour used to make the dough, is made by grinding the corn in an old river mill: the “Molín de Corao”.

The next thing we try is the second most famous dish of Asturian cuisine, the “cachopo”. Stuffed with ham and cheese, it is a real delicacy that we recommend you to try. Beware of the quantities because they are very plentiful! The “cachopo” comes accompanied with some homemade fried potatoes and the typical “pimientos del padrón”. After this great feast, you will definitely want to make yourself a siesta!

So Foodies, for those who want to make an express trip to Asturias without moving from the island, La Sidrería Poma is definitely the perfect place.

Opening hours

From 12 from noon to 24 hours.


Carrer de Jaume I, 10, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears