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IbizaFoodie | March 1, 2021

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'Smoke, Fire and Spice' at HRC Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

‘Smoke, Fire and Spice’ at HRC Ibiza

Once again, Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza brings new features to the menu for a limited time. As usual, American-style dishes and classic burgers as the Legendary Burgers are served, but every so often they bring us a themed menu to include world flavors globally because it reaches every Hard Rock Cafe from the different continents, and of course you can also taste it here in Ibiza.

We didn’t want to miss the ‘Taste of Mexico’ or ‘Burger World Tour’, so this time comes the ‘Smoke, Fire and Spice’ and we were so looking forward. Of course it’s great to go eat to a restaurant that surprises you every time you go to.


‘Smoke, Fire and Spice’

During the months of August and September you can enjoy 4 types of grilled skewers to choose from: chicken, beef, pork or shrimp. You also have to choose one of the 6 spicy sauces from around the world: Chimichurri, Char Siu, Barbecue, Charmoula, Piri Piri or Satay.

In addition, skewers are accompanied by naan bread, a kind of spicy bread similar to pita, roasted vegetables, Monterrey Jack cheese and coleslaw.


As usual we had the chance to talk with Nancy, the sous-chef at Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza, to explain to us what was the process for preparing the skewers:

  • At first, the type of meat (or shrimp) chosen is macerated with the sauce.
  • Then, the skewers are grilled until they cook to perfection and then repainted in sauce.
  • Meanwhile the green and red peppers with the onions and yellow courgettes are roasted.
  • Just before serving, naan bread is marked on the grill and everything is presented along with cheese, coleslaw, and a cup of sauce.

As you can see the dish is pretty easy, it has a traditional elaboration with exotic hints of spices and sauces from the world that provide freshness, but they especially focused on product quality… we must mention that the naan bread surprised us because of its taste and texture, it was a surprise for us.

Each of us chose a different type of skewer to taste the variety: chicken, beef and shrimp; and we tried the Satay, Chimichurri and Piri Piri sauces respectively.

Our recommendation:

For lovers of spicy flavors reminiscent of Southeast Asia: Chicken Satay.


For lovers of meat cooked on the grill: Beef with Chimichurri.


And if what drives you crazy is the spicy hot touch: Shrimps with Piri Piri… yummy!


To complete the feast, we tried 3 wow cocktails:


But certainly what we like most is that they are always surprising us with new features. 😉

Here you can check the menu:

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