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IbizaFoodie | June 12, 2021

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Spanish omelet without frying potatoes | IbizaFoodie

Spanish omelet without frying potatoes

Can you imagine making an omelet without frying the onions and potatoes? It is a little known technique of making omelet simmered with raw ingredients (including potatoes).

The result? Indeed surprising. Of course, abstain those watery omelet lovers, because the potato must be done following this technique therefore everything must congeal well, but it doesn’t get dry at all, believe us!


– 5 eggs

– 2 large potatoes

– 1 onion

– extra virgin olive oil

– salt

Instead of cutting the potato into pieces or slices, let’s grate it with a grater. We grate the onion too.

Thereupon we beat the eggs well and mix with the grated potatoes and onion. We salt to taste.

Now we will prepare the pan. We cast quarter cup olive oil approximately, depending on the size of the pan, but the important thing is to not skimp. We heat it over medium heat and shook our pan so that all sides are impregnated with oil.

We pour the mix and let the medium heat for a minute and immediately turn down to very low heat until set. And this is the great secret of the recipe. Calculate approximately 30 minutes on each side.

Then we turn the omelet to there other side, putting a little oil before, and let this side cook for another 30 minutes over very low heat. You will see it is well congeal, but you’ll find it juicy and no doubt that is completely different.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the cooking!