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IbizaFoodie | May 5, 2021

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Sublimotion celebrates its 5th season with the addition of David Chang | IbizaFoodie

Sublimotion celebrates its 5th season with the addition of David Chang

Sublimotion, the first gastronomic performance in the world located at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, opens its 5th season with the incorporation of the media chef, two Michelin stars, David Chang. This new season, Chef Paco Roncero has invited the chef of Korean origin to form part of the Sublimotion team, which will develop a dish based on the reinterpretation of Japanese food, one of its culinary references.

David Chang joins the cast of chefs formed by Paco Roncero, Dani García, DiegoGuerrero, Toño Pérez and the pastry chef Paco Torreblanca, forming a team with 10 Michelin stars, united to offer an unprecedented gastronomic performance.


Another of the gastronomic novelties of this 5th season is the collaboration of Sublimotion with the Chef of the Maison Dom Pérignon, Marco Fadiga. The Italian chef has created a new dish for this new season 2018 that will serve to introduce diners in the universe of the exclusive Champagne Dom Pérignon Second Plenitude (P2).

The collaboration between Sublimotion and Dom Pérignon goes much further and from June 1, the gastronomic performance will host the first P2 Embassy worldwide.

From its origins, Dom Pérignon pursues a clear ideal: to abide by its firm commitment to be exclusively a vintage wine. The prodigious Maison is the purest essence of creation and assumes, year after year, the challenge of surpassing, risking and championing the most contemporary style. This time, the perfect ally in the insatiable act of overcoming is Sublimotion, the dream come true of Paco Roncero where the avant-garde and innovation come together to create a unique experience.

The great honoree of this famous collaboration is the Second Plenitude of Dom Pérignon. This is the result of sixteen years of elaboration, which results in an intense, vibrant, precise wine with energy at its peak. Each bottle is an act of creation as they are also, the unattainable experiences with which Dom Pérignon overcomes the concept of luxury and fuses gastronomy with unrepeatable moments.

In the more technological terrain, this season of Sublimotion will offer a new scene that will be one of the most interesting technological advances since the premiere of this novel concept in 2014. Our kitchen, design and engineering teams have worked together in the creation of a new scene in which thanks to the “Hybrid Reality” will allow to immerse the 12 guests in a completely virtual environment, where they can interact and taste haute cuisine in a real way …

To understand it better, it will be like sitting down to eat inside a video game, where different snacks will wave around you, and with your own hands, you will be able to reach them and take them to your mouth to discover that they are absolutely real and delicious! It will be an incredible moment that will allow placing the virtual environment and the real world in the same plane and through gastronomy.

This advance of the Sublimotion R + D + I department allows us to imagine, in a short margin of time, the possibility of sitting down to eat with someone, at the same table, even though we are in different cities. Enjoy a meal together with the people we want even if they separate us thousands of kilometers, and choosing the environment in which we want to enjoy it …

For this season 2018, Sublimotion will also include the incorporation of the Spanish actress Iris Lezcano, who will be the new master of ceremonies and the person in charge of conducting this culinary performance in her 5th year.


This new addition is already added to an artistic team formed by Alfonso G. Aguilar who will continue in charge of the musical direction, Juan Calos Paz “BAKEA” in his role as illustrator, Roberto Diz, in charge of costume design; The illusionist Jorge Blass, offering all his knowledge and scenic innovation, and the D.J. and music producer Wally López who for the third year in a row will bring the essence of the ibizenca night to a gastronomic performance that does not forget its island origin.