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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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The best Hummus – 5 different recipes | IbizaFoodie

The best Hummus – 5 different recipes

One of the best appetizer in Middle East will catch the attention of all your guests. We’ll start with the traditional hummus recpie and the process for the other kind of hummus are basically the same.

1. Traditional Hummus.
We already made a post about it.. .Check it out: here

The basic recipe is:
250 gr. chickpeas
Olive oil and salt
1/4 glass of water
Lemon Juice
Bit of Tahini

2. Black Olives Hummus
It’s very easy, you just have to buy some black olives and for 200gr. of chickpeas, use 100gr. of black olives. Our recommendation is to buy black olives with stone in oil… The taste will be much more stronger.

3. Dried Tomato Hummus
This kind of hummus is very special from Italy and Greece. Dried tomato is one is an item used in Italian gastronomy. Follow the traditional hummus recipe without olive oil because tomatoes already have. Respect the measures 1/3 tomato, 2/3 chickpeas

4. Hummus with Avocado
Use 150gr if chickpeas for one avocado. Remember that you can also use avocado to dress up your hummus.

5. Chocolate Hummus
And the best for last!! Who ever thought hummus could be compatible with chocolate. It’s called hummus but the process is a litlle bit different. You must mix 200 gr. of chickpeas with a big spoon of chocolate cream, 2 spoons of honey and sugar.

No excuses, now you know how to make all kind of Hummus for your next meetings with friends at home.