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IbizaFoodie | May 6, 2021

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The Champions Breakfast! | IbizaFoodie

The Champions Breakfast!

All meals are essential to keep our energy levels up, but as the good foodies we are, we should know that breakfast is the most important meal.

The reason it is so important is because it represents the biggest food intake of the day and it should keep us going for a good few hours. Although we are on vacation it’s necessary to start off on the best foot.

During the summer, our schedule tends to lack structure and sometimes, it ends being a bit chaotic. We keep adding more and more snacks to our diet to the point that we’re consuming high quantities of carbs and fat but virtually no nutrition. On top of that, extremely hot temperatures make drinking loads of water a must in order to prevent dehydration.

Today, we’ll show you how to prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast! The idea is to achieve a nutritional balance by combining the different food groups on the right amounts. Those categories are: dairy (or dairy-free alternatives), carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Our advice is to include yogurt or milk – you can add some cocoa to give it that sweet flavor. If you’re not a fan of dairy, you can opt for a different option, like plant-based drinks, like soya or almond. Fruit should also be a main part of your breakfast, since it has a high water.

If you’re getting bored of eating the same things day after day, a good way to mix things up a bit, is by making smoothies. They’re very quick to prepare and offer a lot of choice regarding what to include: bananas, peanut butter, milk are all excellent options.

Try to avoid chocolate and processed foods as much as you can. And if you feel like having something a bit heavier, make whole wheat toast with olive oil and tomato. If you’re still missing something, turkey, smoked salmon or ham will do the job.

From now on breakfast will be your favorite time of the day! So don’t forget to keep those energy levels up 😉