Google+ The Federació Pitiüsa de Races Autòctones requests the brand "100% Autochthonous Race" | IbizaFoodie
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IbizaFoodie | August 13, 2020

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The Federació Pitiüsa de Races Autòctones requests the brand "100% Autochthonous Race" | IbizaFoodie

The President of the Federació de Races Auttòctones (FEPIRA), Xavier Prats, has announced that they have requested the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAPAMA) the inclusion of the autochthonous races of the Pitiusas, goat, sheep and chicken, within the seal “100% Autochthonus Race. “

“This decision comes as a way to continue working on the protection of our breeds, animal genetic heritage and collaborate with administrations that are working to provide them with special protection. The growing importance of the animal genetic resources, as well as the application of the community norms, open us ways to conserve, improve, but above all, promote the Livestock Breeds characteristic of each zone or region”, said Prats.

This stamp of national scope, arises from the necessity of the consumers to have greater information on the products that consume, what advised to establish a specific identification by means of a logo for the products coming from the animals of autochthonous races. “This type of initiative is very positive for producers. A regulatory regime is created, whose use is voluntary, which allows recognizing these products, giving security at the point of sale and to the consumer. From FEPIRA we are working to increase the number of cattle of our autochthonous breeds, since some of them have been on the verge of extinction. Therefore, at the beginning there will not be much supply but we are working to reverse this situation. The autochthonous races are part of our heritage and we want that consumers, in addition, can enjoy their quality. “, Added the president of FEPIRA.

This initiative is part of the Development Plan of the National Program of conservation, improvement and promotion of livestock breeds that has as one of its strategic priorities the sustainable use and alternative ways of profitability for breeds and their products. “The autochthonous races are not only our animal heritage, but also, they help to the sustainability of the rural environment and to improve our landscape. Conserve the biodiversity of the Pitiusas through the conservation of natural values”, Xavier Prats has finished.