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IbizaFoodie | May 4, 2021

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The most 7 spicy plates of the world! | IbizaFoodie

The most 7 spicy plates of the world!

Do you love the spicy food? Ibiza Foodie today we want to reveal the most seven spicy dishes of the world! Check this TOP and discover new plates 😉

Are you ready? Write down!

1. Fired rice pearl: this dish is from Missosuri, in USA there are a coffe known as Coffe Pearl. On the other hand, the most famous dish in Missosuri is the fired rice. With this mix borns this spicy recipe! It’s a bomb whose ingredients are: pepper, green and red peppers and a high variety of species. On around the world this dish have been tasted for only 21 people. What about you?

2. The suicide donkey: everybody knows that the burritos is original from Mexico and it’s so spicy. But this type of burrito could be mortal because contains: Chinese, Mexican and Korean peppers.

3. Sambal: is a popular sauce from Indonesia. The ingredients of this sauce are: habanero peppers, cayenne peppers bird eye and Spanish peppers. Do you think it is hot enough?

4. Kimchi jjigae: is a curious dish because the level of spicy is gradual. Depends of your capacity to support the spicy but the ingredients are: green onions, garlic, tofu, mushrooms and many peppers. The shape of pour is just boiling.

5. CauCau: is a typical dish from Peru and their key ingredient is yellow peppers. It is considered spicy potato stew version.

6. Huo Guo: this dish borns in China and the secret ingredient is pepper oil and served hot in a table.

7. Sik Sik Wat: the last spicy plate but the most spicy!!! The ingredients are: red peppers, paprika and fenugreek. Three key ingredients that make any dish into a super spicy dish!