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IbizaFoodie | May 7, 2021

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Top 3 Special Dishes from Ibiza you must taste | IbizaFoodie

Top 3 Special Dishes from Ibiza you must taste

Are you thinking to visit Ibiza soon? If you’re coming, you must learn about our culture and traditions and not just having party, relax at the beach and eat any kind of food at any time. Our Island has a lot of small magic corners where you’ll find fantastic restaurants and where your palate will be thankful.
Today, we’re making a top 3 of tipical dishes in Ibiza that you can’t miss if you’re coming to know our lovely Ibiza.

  1. Bullit de Peix y Arroz a Banda: It’s the most popular dish on the Island. It’s was the main food of the fishermen elaborated with all the no value fishes on the market. As a starter, they ate boiled fish with potatoes and then used the fish bouillon for the rice. The plate was the same for everyone one, the own pan.

If you want to eat a real Bullit, you can book it at The beach club at Hard Rock Hotel, the chef is an rice expert, also in Can Salvado (Pou d´es Lleó) or at el Bigotes (Cala Mastella).

  1. El Sofrit Pagés: You’ll find better in the island’s interior. It`s made with lamb and chicken meat, “sobreasada”, Catalan sausage and Potatoes. Contrary to the Bullit, preparing a Sofrit was the perfect reason for a special event. But now you can find it in most of the restaurants all over Ibiza.
  1. Las orelletes: Traditional dessert made with egg, sugar, flour, lemon zest and a small touch of anise. The name is due to the resemblance between the ear shape and the dessert. For the locals, this desserts means a lot for them, one bite and they’ll get back to their childhood. You’ll have any problem to find it in any pastry, but be carefull, you can’t eat only one 😉

The dish traditional list doesn’t stop here… La Borrida de Rajada, El Estofado de atún, el Flaó or los Rubiols are also an important part of our traditional cuisine. Ibiza’s much more than a popular tourist destination. For us, The Foodies Ibiza is treasure island.