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IbizaFoodie | May 23, 2020

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Top 5 best sandwiches in the world 2016 | IbizaFoodie

Top 5 best sandwiches in the world 2016

Who don’t like to eat a good sandwich in the stree, at the beach or at home? This kind of food starts in 18th Century with John Montagu.

This is our Top 5 of best sandwiches you could eat around the world in 2016. Be ready to get dirty because they’re not that healthy.

1. Gatsby
From South Africa, this sandwich is normally cut in 4 portions. It’s also commonly know as the Ak-47 because you can eat it with one hand and keep shooting.

Actually you can combine and ingredients, possibilities are unlimited. You can do it with minced meat, fish, squid, chicken, egg ,curry, sausages… What sets it apart from others it’s is size! In addition to meat, you mus add the typical sauce called piri piri: spicy red sauce made of parsley, chopped coriander and chili.


2. Sandwich Elvis
From the heart of United States, we learned about Elvis’ favorite sandwich. It’s very easy to make, you only need peanut butter and banana. Today you can also find it with honey, bacon or cheese.


3. Club
We can’t miss this sandwich, es the authentic one, the traditional club sandwich. From New York since 1900, it’s recipe change with the time but the real one is with turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce and deli turkey. The presentation of this dish is unique.

If you prefer chicken, change the sauce for cesar instead of mayonnaise.


4. Kaya Toast
Travelling to Malasia to discover the real “Kaya Toast”. They use french toast with butter and kaya jam (coconut milk and egg). You’ll eat it having breakfast, it’s sweet and very famous to serve with fried eggs. It doesn’t look good but it’s very tasteful.


5. Baura
¡This sandwich is just perfect! Bauru Sandwich is made with grilled beed inside bread with mozzarella, gherkins, tomato and oregano. Remmeber the cheese must be totally melted.

Bauru_Carousel_thumb receitas ig

What’s your favorite sandwich? Give us the  recipe so we can share it will the foodies!!