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IbizaFoodie | May 6, 2021

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We interview Brian Olocco, chef from Cala Bonita in Ibiza | IbizaFoodie

We interview Brian Olocco, chef from Cala Bonita in Ibiza

How many years have you been cooking?

I’ve been in the kitchen for 16 years.

What led you to be a chef?

It begin to study this profession because I wanted to know how to eat well and healthy since I was an athlete and because all my childhood my family from Argentina (native country) was cooking while watching Carlos Arguiñano – a showman chef, which I admire.

What is your favorite food? 

My favorite food is: the food that my grandmother and my mother made at home – all homemade, which smells and flavors are impossible to forget.

Anyone can cook?

Yes, anyone can cook always taking care of the products and using the most important ingredient: cooking with love.

When it’s your turn to cook at home, what do you cook?

I do not have a special dish, I like to try everything. At home is where I can create new things and where I can receive my wife’s criticism.

What are the details that you try to capture in your kitchen?

The details that I want to express in my dishes are the highest care of the products and that the guests can enjoy our careful and detailed work.

3 ingredients that can never be missing in your kitchen:

The three ingredients that can never be missing in our kitchen are: effort, dedication and a lot of love.

What is the most important thing on a plate?

The good taste, the presentation and the customer satisfaction.

Is there any product that you discovered here in Ibiza and that you have incorporated into your kitchen?

The Raor (which is caught in September), I like it a lot.

How do you rate the current gastronomic offer in Ibiza?

The gastronomic offer in Ibiza in recent years has grown a lot. There are several new high quality establishments that help the growth of the island.

An Ibizan dish, a beach and a word:

A dish: the rice dishes of espardeñas or prawns from Ibiza in Cala Bonita,
a beach: all, I love this island,
ane word: family, my family, it’s all for me.

Your favorite place on the island?

My home.

How would you define the kitchen in Lio in 3 words?

The years I’ve been working in Lío, I had the pleasure of learning from 3 great chefs: Pau Barba, Oliver Perez Boz and Gonzalo Araguez and that defines it all great people and better cooks.

Do you use local products?

Yes, we use several local products such as prawns, sobrasada and several seasonal products.

What is your specialty?

Our specialties are rice, fish and grilled meats and mussels with sobrasada in the Cala Bonita style.

How do you think your profession has changed in recent years?

I think the kitchen became a fundamental role in the everyday routine. It has had a huge growth thanks to great professionals who have taken it to the top, like brothers Roca, brothers Adrià, Juan Mari Arzak and among others. for me the Spanish cuisine is the best that exists today.