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IbizaFoodie | January 15, 2021

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We interviewed Iker Erausquin, the chef at Uma Restaurant | IbizaFoodie

We interviewed Iker Erausquin, the chef at Uma Restaurant

How many years have you been cooking?

22 years.

What made you become chefs?

A part of me saw something magical in the power to transform food into delicious recipes. The memory of the all the hours with my grandmother cleaning beans or tasting their elaborations was a wonderful memory. I wanted as well to use the possibility to participate in a process thats purpose was making others happy and the same time create unforgettable moments.

What is your favorite food?

All those made with care. I enjoy any dish, however simple it may be, provided that it has been done with love. It is something that is perceived and that allows an omelet, a tomato salad or the most elaborated dish to be delicious.

Which dish marked your childhood?

The baby squid in its ink, without a doubt. Something with a questionable aspect that at the same time offers such a special flavor. Also my grandmother’s croquettes and all the dishes she made without apparent effort and whose results were always magical.

What are the details that you try to capture in your kitchen?

The care of the details, the love, the dedication, somehow I always try that the diner perceives that unquestionable affection.

3 ingredients that can never be missing in your kitchen:

Onion, oil and more recently the Jang Sauce.

Some people call you the chef of flowers, with which 3 flowers would you stay and why?

The jasmine, as my favorite, for the intensity and at the same time subtlety of its aroma.

The gardenia, for the sensation of “comfort” that it offers.

The orange blossom, for the delicacy and its power to appeal to the memory.

Also the violet, the rose, the honeysuckle, etc …

What is the most important thing on a plate?

The most important is that it’s made with affection, balanced, that it’s well presented but above all, dishes whose protagonist is the flavor.

What kind of cuisine does the UMA Restaurant offer?

At UMA Restaurant we offer a tour of tastes that are to my liking. They’re are part of me, either from my memory or discovered throughout my journey, flavors that excite me and that I try to prepare and offer in different ways. At UMA we like to tell stories through food, seek the satisfaction of those who visit us, sometimes also surprise by novelty. In short, we try to make the diner to be a rewarding experience and we hope the guests remember us as one of the moments of harmony.

What role does the cocktail bar play at UMA Restaurant?

For us, the cocktail bar is as important as the kitchen. The same as a recipe, to combine flavors and look for sensations that provoke the satisfaction of our customers. The small format of the restaurant and the search for a nearby service prevent us from developing this sector as much as we would like, but the cocktails we make are at the same level of importance as any dish we serve.

What is the recipe for success for you?

Without a doubt love, care, dedication and everything wrapped up in constancy. Trying to make the client feel at home and enjoy the experience in the most pleasant and relaxed way possible. Always looking for the best ingredients, that are within our reach and transform them with delicacy, respecting them and trying to obtain from them all their potential, all their flavor. In short, give ourselves to what we do since we wake up until the end of the day.